National Sports Event Organization

Sport Event Denmark is the national Danish sports event organization. Established and supported by the Danish Government.

To help develop and promote sport, the main objective of Sport Event Denmark is to attract and host major international sports events and congresses. Sport Event Denmark is primarily focused on sports that have a strong foundation within Denmark, either at the elite or sport for all level.

80% success rate

Sport Event Denmark, after many years of focused and visible efforts, is viewed as a credible and trusted partner in the sports world.

We have succeeded in winning over 80 percent of our international bid campaigns. In addition, Denmark and our capital city, Copenhagen, have been ranked in the Top-15 of the Global Sports Nations/Cities Index 2014

iaehWe collaborate internationally

Sport Event Denmark is a founding member of the International Association of Event Hosts (IAEH), that exists for representatives of international destinations to collaborate together to generate the best possible value from hosting major sporting events, and provide a voice for ‘not for profit’ hosts of events.

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International recognition: The management team behind the past three years innovative parachuting event, Swoop Challenge, are pleased to announce that the adrenalin-fuelled and spectator-friendly competition is now an Official World Championships in collaboration with the International Air Sports governing body, FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale). It is the first time ever that freestyle swooping will have … Læs videre Inaugural World Championships for the world’s top freestyle parachutists to be held in the heart of Copenhagen

Thursday the courses for the road race as well as Time Trial at the EuroRoad17 in Herning, Denmark in august were revealed You can expect a clash of the super-sprinters at the European Road Cycling Championships, EuroRoad17, in Herning, Denmark on august 2nd- to 6th. Thursday afternoon the courses for the 12 races were revealed, … Læs videre Courses revealed: Expect a hard and fast race at the 2017 European Road Cycling Championships