National Sports Event Organization

Sport Event Denmark is the national Danish sports event organization. Established and supported by the Danish Government.


Our vision is to make Denmark the ideal host of major international sporting events. Our experience from hundreds of major events over the last decade tells us we are on the right track. Our solution is to fully integrate the rights holder, the national federation and the host city – creating a powerful partnership for success.

Today Denmark is one of the leading countries in terms of hosting world class sporting events (in top-12 globally according to SportCal).

80% success rate

Sport Event Denmark, after many years of focused and visible efforts, is viewed as a credible and trusted partner in the sports world.

We have succeeded in winning over 80 percent of our international bid campaigns. In addition, Denmark and our capital city, Copenhagen, have been ranked in the Top-12 of the Global Sports Nations/Cities

iaehWe collaborate internationally

Sport Event Denmark is a founding member of the International Association of Event Hosts (IAEH), that exists for representatives of international destinations to collaborate together to generate the best possible value from hosting major sporting events, and provide a voice for ‘not for profit’ hosts of events.

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When the world’s best riders compete at the World Championships in dressage, para-dressage, jumping, and vaulting in 2022, it will be in Herning, Denmark. FEI, The International Equestrian Federation, just announced Denmark as host. Denmark was up against strong bids from Rome and Saudi Arabia. The World Championships in dressage, para-dressage, jumping, and vaulting in … Læs videre Denmark to host the FEI World Championships in 2022

The best track riders in the world will compete for the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2024. Denmark has a long and strong tradition for hosting major, international cycling events, as well as the reputation of an epic cycling destination for all. The event returns to Ballerup Super Arena, which also … Læs videre UCI Track Cycling: Copenhagen, the world’s best bike city to host fastest riders at the Worlds in 2024