A Wave of Handball Championships in Denmark Tips Off on the Beach

The 2013 European Beach Handball Championships begin an exciting run of international handball championships in Denmark.

Within the next seven months six European trophies will be awarded on Danish soil. The Danish Handball Federation hosts three European Championships: The 2013 European Beach Handball Championships in July, the W19 2013 European Championship in August and the 2014 Men’s European Championship in January.

Following that, in less than two years time, Denmark will stage the 2015 Women’s World Championship in December. This autumn Denmark will also bid to host the 2019 Men’s World Championship.

But this weekend four trophies for the 2013 European Beach Handball Championships will be awarded. Both men and women, in youth and senior ranks, will play on a venue that has been transformed into an exciting event area both on and off the court, with a relaxed beach atmosphere and beachy music. This is the first time ever that the Danish Handball Federation has hosted an international Beach Handball tournament.

“Beach handball is rapidly developing, both nationally and internationally. The special atmosphere and entertaining game set-up is appealing in its own way both for spectators and players,” says Morten Stig Christensen, secretary general of the Danish Handball Federation. “We are pleased to provide the Danish audience with the opportunity to experience beach handball at the highest level and hope for many visitors in Randers in the next ten days.”

The Danish Handball Federation has organised the 2013 European Beach Handball Championship with the strong partners the City of Randers and Sport Event Denmark. This is a crucial partnership for the event according to the secretary general:

“Sport Event Denmark once again has been hands-on and is very skilled when it comes to hosting international sports events, both financially and from a sport event management point of view,” says Stig Christensen. “This basically makes it possible for us to bid for and host championships in Denmark. At the same time the City of Randers put in a lot of dedication and really contributed to the organisation of this specific event.”

For more info: http://www.dhf.dk/ebhc2013

The 2013 European Beach Handball Championships are organised in cooperation with the City of Randers and Sport Event Denmark.