Denmark and Germany combine their strenghts in a joint bid for the 2019 IHF Men’s Handball World Championship

If it were up to Denmark and Germany the 2019 IHF Men’s World Championship will be played in both countries, with the final taking place in Denmark. Today, the Danish Handball Association and the German Handball Federation have signed an agreement on a joint bid for the 2019 World Championship

Per Bertelsen, president, Danish Handball Association stated, “This is world class! Our agreement with the German Handball Federation puts us in the best possible position for the bid for IHF Men’s World Championships 2019. The national sport event organisation, Sport Event Denmark, plays an important role in this bid campaign. Along with Sport Event Denmark and the German Handball Federation, we look forward to presenting our joint bid to the IHF Council.”

Bernhard Bauer, president, German Handball Federation said, “The German Handball Federation is keen to be involved in the expansion of the house of international handball. Together with Denmark, we want to make our contribution to the development of handball. We will give our whole-hearted support and all of our expertise to ensure that this project is a success. The German-Danish agreement in Basel was just the beginning. Now we hope that in Doha we can convince the international handball family with our common project.”

Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark, supported both statements and commented, “There is no doubt that the Danish-German bid for IHF Men’s World Championships 2019 is incredibly strong. Both Denmark and Germany have strong handball cultures and have plenty of experience in hosting major, international sports events. Together we can add significantly to the perception of playing hosts.”

Both Denmark and Germany had separately signalled their interest in hosting the 2019 World Championship to the International Handball Federation, IHF. With the recent agreement on a joint Danish-German bid the preliminary rounds will be held in both Germany and Denmark. The semi-finals will then be played in Germany, while the finals and the President’s Cup will be hosted by Denmark.

For more information on Denmark-Germany 2019, please contact:

Per Bertelsen

President – Danish Handball Association

+45 21 48 06 66

Bernhard Bauer

President – German Handball Federation


Lars Lundov

CEO – Sport Event Denmark

+45 40 31 48 55