SWIMMING: European Short Course Championships receives the Depeche in Denmark

The LEN European Short Course Swimming Championships in Denmark will be staged in a state of the art modern multi-flexible arena in temporary pools. The day before constructing the swimming set-up, the English pop group, Depeche Mode gives a concert in the very same arena and will pass on the Depeche to the event right after.

Depeche Mode will give a spectacular concert in the Danish multi-flexible arena, Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning, on the 29th of November. But it ain’t over till the fat lady sings: Right after the depeche will be passed on to the organisers of the LEN Short Course Swimming Championships 2013.

With a seating capacity up to 15,000, Jyske Bank BOXEN is Denmark’s first indoor multi-flexible venue of its kind. The arena is designed for a wide variety of various events and also contains  a number of service and VIP facilities, which enables it to house national and international experiences with focus on sport, concerts and shows.

Jyske Bank BOXEN was built in a close cooperation with Danish and international sports associations – ie. the Danish Swimming Federation – in order to ensure top modern and future-proof facilities. MCH owns the arena and is in charge of the operation of the arena.

Two special designed temporary pools will be installed in this arena and filled with no less than 2,4 million liters of water and the pool deck will be raised two meters above ground level.

Since the arena opened three years ago with a Lady Gaga-concert more than 750,000 spectators have been seated for concerts and great international sporting events in the arena. But never before has the multi-flexible arena been transformed into a venue for swimming.

It will take two full weeks to make this transformation – filling the pools with water alone will take 24 hours.

The temporary pools will be installed by the Italian company Myrtha Pools in collaboration with the Danish company Danske Idrætssvømmehaller, (DISH) and staff from the Jyske Bank Boxen. Myrtha Pools are specialists within temporary pools for world class swimming and they have assisted in delivering pools for the world championships earlier this year in Barcelona and in Istanbul and for the Olympics in London in 2012.

Editor’s note

2013 LEN European Short Course Swimming Championships will be staged from 12th-15th of December 2013.

673 swimmers from 42 nations have been entered by number, and on the 2nd of December the final registration by name will take place.

The Danish Team consists of 29 swimmers – the largest team ever for a senior championship.

The championships are organized by The Danish Swimming Federation. Sport Event Denmark and The City of Herning partner the event.

For more on the event: www.herning2013.com

For tickets: www.billetnet.dk