#EHFEURO2014: Denmark tunes in

With only a few days to go until the championship begins, the official song has been released and the hashtag and mascot have been announced.

Fans from all around the handball world can get involved with the Men’s EHF European Handball Championship through the official hashtag #ehfeuro2014.

Stay tuned throughout the event with #ehfeuro2014 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The official song has also been released. “Bang That Drum” by the Danish-African singer Nabiha will be the official tune associated with the championships.

“Bang That Drum” will be played at each of the venues as well as on Danish TV and radio stations. It’s sure to get the spectator crowds pumped all around Denmark for a gigantic celebration of handball.

“Bang the Drum” along with a list of selection of significant songs and melodies for the event are on display on Spotify.

The official mascot Hearty will also perform the Bang that Drum-dance and entertain the spectators at the venues. Hearty is named after the event slogan: A Heart of Handball.

The hearts of handball are beating strongly in Denmark and ticket sales are speeding up – now selling more than 800 tickets per day for the preliminary round matches in the four host cities.

The hotels, the team guides, The Danish Handball Association, Sport Event Denmark and the host cities are thus more than ready to give the international world of handball a hearty welcome.