GOLF Made in Denmark: Trophy revealed

Made in Denmark on the European Tour revealed its trophy this weekend: An epic celebration of victory in an outstanding Danish design by Georg Jensen.

Made in Denmark is more than a name of an international sporting event in Denmark. It is a concept that will have many looks right through the tournament and the festivities embracing the event.

This weekend the trophy of Made in Denmark was revealed on the Danish Golf Show as part of the Danish Travel Show in MCH Messecenter Herning.

The trophy is a manifesto of Made in Denmark: The trophy is the unique result of the fusion between unparalleled artistic design and meticulous craftsmanship made in Denmark by Georg Jensen. The inscription Made in Denmark has been carved into the trophy forming a distinct pattern.

-It is the most spectacular trophy I have seen, said Danish ET player JB Hansen when he attended the presentation of the trophy.

Flemming Astrup, who is golf promoter and one of the organizers of Made in Denmark explains how he and the rest of the tournament group has lined out the tournament in August.

– Made in Denmark will focus on Denmark and Danish golf culture. The design of the trophy is a product of our mindset. The event will act as a driver for presenting Denmark, Danish culture and golf in Denmark. We want to present Danish design and show the picture of summer Made in Denmark, says Flemming Astrup.

The golf tournament, Made in Denmark, thus sets the stage from the first drive with a catchy and reportedly tournament name and a storytelling trophy. And the entire event set up is based upon the conception of displaying Denmark as more than a host.

Major international sporting events generate a positive turnover for the Danish economy. The hotels, transport, venues, shops, etc. will benefit from these events. But the organizers are also focused on the enhanced nation branding and the celebration of golf in Denmark and the celebration of Denmark as a golf destination within the family of golf as well as the excellent opportunity to create a festive golf week involving players, spectators and locals.

-The ambition is that both the non-golfing Danes and visiting foreign golf spectators will experience the tournament as different from other golf tournaments on the European Tour. Hopefully they think that it is an innovative and refreshing way to run a major sporting event. I know that it will be worth the trip – both as a spectator and as a player. And worth revisiting, says Flemming Astrup.

FACTS on Made in Denmark

– Dates: 14.-17. August 2014

– Venue: Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort

– Course: BACKTEE Course 6751 meter. Par 73. Designer Philip Spogárd

– Danish players: Thomas Bjørn, Anders Hansen, Søren Kjeldsen, Thorbjørn Olesen, Søren Hansen, Morten Ørum Madsen, JB Hansen, Andreas Hartø & Lucas Bjerregaard

– Spectators: Around 70,000 over the week

– Sport Event Denmark is one of the partners behind Made in Denmark.