3000 swimmers dived into the heart of Copenhagen

Urban swimming hit Copenhagen this weekend. In the very heart of the Danish Capital 3,000 swimmers challenged the 2k distance in the canals in the open water event Round Christiansborg on Saturday.

For the ninth time this icon urban open water event was staged by the Danish Swimming Association and with a record breaking number of participants.

Colin Hill Open Water Swimming Consultant FINA, Chillswim Director, UK.  – I found this such a fun and unique event and really enjoyed swimming a 2km circuit around the city centre.  This is just what open water swimming needs to perfectly showcase one of the fastest growing sports in the world. I think this is a ‘must swim’ for swimmers from around the world to come and experience.

–  We have in recent years been able to observe a growing interest in open water swimming in general, which applies to this event in the heart of Copenhagen. We know that many want to participate, and we would like to let as many as possible participate. Hence, we think all the time in solutions that can make room for more participants. It is a challenge that we can’t solve without cooperation with other stakeholders. This year we reached for the first time event 3,000 people, says Morten Hinnerup, Develop Manager, The Danish Swimming Association.

– Swimming in the clean waters of the canals of Copenhagen is also a way of telling the story of a capital with a heart for sporting events. Sport Event Denmark has this year partnered with the Danish Swimming Association specifically to enhance more open water swimmers from a number of countries to participate in the future, says Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark.

The 3,000 participants were divided into individual participants as well as 100 teams of four swimmers sharing the 2k distance.


Staged since 2006 with 260 participants

In 2009 combined with a FINA World Cup 10K

In 2012 Her Royal Highness Princess Mary participated on the 2k. HRH is also the patron of the Danish Swimming Association

In 2014:  3000 participants