Draw for the IHF Womens Handball World Championship in Denmark

24 June 2015. This will be the date of the draw for the IHF Women’s Handball World Championship that is staged in Denmark in December.

The preparations for the IHF Women’s Handball World Championship are already well underway, and now the date of the draw is set for 24 June 2015. At that time, the qualifications have ended and all participants are known.

The draw will therefore be the kick-off for the world championship. In collaboration with one of the four host cities, Kolding, the Danish Handball Association, DHF, has been able to stage the draw at the magnificent castle ruin of Koldinghus.

“We are looking forward to the draw, which is an important milestone of the IHF Women’s Handball Championship in December in Denmark. Therefore, we are extremely excited about the opportunity to stage the draw in such a great setting. Kolding is one of the four host cities and we look forward to working with Kolding as well as with the other three cities in the months to come,” says the DHF president, Per Bertelsen.

“We think Koldinghus is a perfect setting for the draw as the history of the castle contains many international visits. Furthermore Kolding is used to hosting international guests and events, so it is very natural for us to provide the stage for the draw,” says John Pedersen, Mayor of the City of Kolding.

Facts on IHF Women’s World Championships 2015

– 5th-20th December

– Danish Handball Association is organizing the IHF Women’s World Championship in close cooperation with the host cities and Sport Event Denmark.

– The host cities are Herning, Kolding, Næstved and Frederikshavn

– The slogan of the event is Heart of Handball

– Ticket sales begin on August 11.

Facts on Koldinghus

Koldinghus – Jutland’s last royal castle – has played an important role in the history of Denmark throughout the more than 700 years of its existence. It has served as a part of the border defences, as a royal residence, and as the seat of the local representatives of the Danish central government. Following the disastrous fire of 1808, the castle ruin attracted considerable attention as a picturesque ruin, providing a popular source of inspiration for artists and poets. For more than a century, the ruin has been the object of restoration programmes and gradual conversion to a museum of cultural history and a venue for cultural activities. On 24 June Koldinghus plays host to the draw of the IFH Women’s Handball World Championships 2015.