Denmark steps up with a leg of LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup

The LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup 10k to be staged in Copenhagen, Denmark. The best European swimmers will compete on the Olympic distance in the very heart of the Danish capital while a gigantic mass participation race will complete the celebration of open water swimming.

The popularity of open water swimming forms the basis of the annual urban open water swimming event, Round Christiansborg in the canals of Copenhagen. The LEN European Open water Swimming Cup now adds an elite dimension to the celebration of swimming and invites the World of Swimming to participate in the recreational event.

The invitation also opens a whole new world of vacation opportunities for swimmers. The idea of combining an athletic event with a vacation isn’t new; many runners have been traveling for 10K’s and marathons for years – now swimmers can do the same.

One Leg steps up

Getting away from following the black line at the bottom of the pool can reinvigorate the experience of swimming and add new dimensions to the activity and to the conception of an area:

-10 km is an Olympic distance and the LEN European Cup in the canals is a step towards even more focus on open water swimming and elite swimming in open water and with the aim of staging a World Cup at the same distance in the future.

– The objective of the Danish Swimming Federation is to increase the numbers participants in Round Christiansborg both within the elite and recreational groups. Round Christiansborg with both a leg of the LEN European Cup and a large number of mass participants is a step towards this, says Pia Holmen, CEO, The Danish Swimming Federation.

Since 2006 Copenhagen has played host to an open water event, Round Christiansborg. This event has increased in numbers since the first edition and last year around 3000 swimmers participated.

Combined Elite and Mass Participation

In 2009 Denmark hosted the FINA World Cup and now Denmark looks forward to once again inviting the elite to join Round Christiansborg.

– In 2009, Denmark staged a World Cup on the Olympic 10k distance along with Round Christiansborg. The IAAF World Half Marathon Championships last year is also a good example of an event combining the elite with recreational participants. With the experience we have gained, we know about the link between elite and mass participants and how to enhance the focus on the event, the city, the sport nationally and internationally, says Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark.

Green and Blue Capital

– Swimming Events like this is a unique opportunity to show the world that Copenhagen is a green capital, where the water in the harbor is clean enough to swim in. In Copenhagen we would like to use the blue spaces, so it is obvious with a large swimming event that attracts the elite and mass participants, says Carl Christian Ebbesen, Mayor of Culture and Leisure, Copenhagen.

Copenhagen currently has four crystal-clear outdoor swimming areas in the inner city, perfect places to strip off and cool off with a quick summer dip. Water quality is extremely high and the harbour baths are enjoyed by thousands of Danes and visitors each year.

Editors’ Notes

The LEN Europa Open Water Cup consists of six legs. Started in May and the leg in Denmark will be the 5th leg of the series.

1. Israel (Eilat), 8 May: 5 k.

2. Israel (Eilat), 10 May: 10 k.

3. Spain (Navia), 1 August: 7,5 k.

4. The Netherlands (Hoorn),  22 August : 10 k.

5. Denmark (Copenhagen), 29 August: 10 k.

6. = Final: Cypres (Larnaca), 3. – 4. October: 5 k and 10 k.

Facts on Round Christiansborg

This summer more than 20 open water events take place in Denmark. The crown jewel of the events is Round Christiansborg in the heart of Copenhagen. This is urban swimming at its very best with around 3000 recreational and competitive swimmers.

Date: 29 August 2015

Distance: 2000 m

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