15 nations inspired at World Handball Forum

World Handball Forum was the name of the seminar organized by the Danish Handball Association, DHF, with funding from the national sporting event organisation, Sport Event Denmark. The theme of the forum was the development of handball.

Under the title Handball ‘cradle to grave’, the 24 participants were introduced to both handball for the youngest and the oldest members of the clubs.

The participants were introduced to activities for the very young kids, a large tournament for U-6 and U-8, Handball in schools, Street Handball and the popular Handball Fitness which is a concept that can be practiced by all ages.

Additionally, there was a presentation from the Copenhagen Centre for Team Sports and Health from the University of Copenhagen on the effects of playing handball.

Finally the participants attended the official opening of the on 22nd IHF Women’s World Championships 2015 at Jyske Bank Boxen and watched the matches in an impressive setting with more than 12,000 spectators.

The development manager, Søren Simonsen, DHF, who was also the coordinator of the seminar could send 24 satisfied participants home after a weekend of fruitfull discussions on development of handball.

“All participants were people working with the development of our sport, and there was great enthusiasm about the activities that we had lined up.

They were particularly impressed by the large kid’s tournament where matches were played without referees and dissemination of results. Also the presentation of our Handball Fitness was a great success,” says Søren Simonsen and continues:

“The most important benefit, however, was the establishment of a strong network between nations. There is no doubt that we are part of a strong handball community that can enhance and inspire each other. I hope we will continue the networking in the future – for the benefit of the development of the sport internationally.”

The theme of developing the sport of Handball is also on the agenda again in future championships.

The German Handball Federation will in cooperation with DHF invite to similar seminars during the Women’s World Handball Championships in Germany in 2017 and during the Men’s World Handball Championships in 2019, as Germany and Denmark are co-hosts of these events.

The themes of the future seminars are tentatively scheduled to include both the development of talent and the commercial aspects of handball.

This week’s seminar was organised by DHF in collaboration with IHF, Sport Event Denmark and the German Handball Federation.

Facts on the 22nd IHF Women’s Handball World Championship 2015

Championship period: 5th-20th December

Danish Handball Association is organizing the IHF Women’s World Championship in close cooperation with the host cities and Sport Event Denmark.

The host cities are Herning, Kolding, Naestved and Frederikshavn

The slogan of the event is Heart of Handball

Buy your tickets here: www.denmark2015.com/tickets