European Cup in open water swimming is an unpolished diamond

LEN European Cup in open-water swimming was staged with start and finish in front of the epic and iconic Black Diamond in Copenhagen. The Black Diamond is The Danish Royal Library’s modern waterfront extension. Today the European Swimming Federation announced a razor sharp statement: The leg in Copenhagen is an unpolished diamond.

– It is quite symbolic that we are here at the Black Diamond. The European Cup in open water swimming here in Copenhagen is clearly an unpolished diamond with lots of potential for much more. It takes time to build up an event. We are working on a new structure for our European Cup in open water swimming with the focus on urban events. We want all that Copenhagen offers: In the heart of a big city, in connection with a recreational event and clean water and beautiful weather,” says Jon Hestoy who is technical delegate, European Swimming Federation, LEN.

The setting for the European Cup in the canals of Copenhagen was optimal: Bright sunshine, high ceilings and an impressive battle for the podium with Italian dominance for both men and women.

– With elite swimmers in the European Cup, recreational swimmers in Copenhagen Swim and the many volunteers from all sections of the Danish swimming, we have shown how we in Denmark stage and develop major swimming events. One could not wish for a better showcase, says Pia Holmen, Director, Danish Swimming Federation.

Also at Sport Event Denmark, there was great satisfaction with the European Cup:

– At the Olympics in Rio we experienced ferocious battles for the rankings in the 10k open-water swimming at Copacabana beach. Open water swimming is the answer to road cycling and marathons. Here in Copenhagen’s canals we were close to the fast swimmers in the European Cup and could follow them all around the course and see how the 6km race evolved into a strategic race for the podium. My best guess is that many of the recreational swimmers came out also to lurk some technique tips and tricks from the elite, says Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark.



1. Dario Verani, ITA. 01:08:45.97

2. Francesco Bianchi, ITA, 01:08:46.91

3. Matej Kozubek, CZE, 01:08.47.14


1. Giulia Gabrielleschi, ITA. 01:08:56.64

2. Arianna Bridi, ITA. 01:09:00.76

3. Ilaria Raimondi, ITA. 01:09:49:94

LEN European Cup in open water swimming is staged by the Danish Swimming Federation and partnered by the City of Copenhagen and Sport Event Denmark.