World Record at stake at the CPH Half

For the last two years, the streets of Copenhagen have paved the way for world class half marathon times. No doubt this will also be the case, when runners once again claim the streets at the Copenhagen Half Marathon September 18 2016, as the elite group of this year will be the strongest ever.The best long distance runners in the world can smell a possible world record at the CPH Half on the 18th of September. This is certain, as the 2014 World Half Marathon Championships and the successful Copenhagen Half Marathon the following year were won in respective world class times. These feats have caught the eye of international onlookers and created the feeling that Copenhagen is the city of fast times.

Led by last year’s winner, Kenyan Bedan Karoki Muchiri, the largest and strongest group yet of world class runners have signed up for the race in the Capital of Denmark. No less than 14 of the male runners have done the 21.1 km in less than an hour, and from there, it does not take much before the world record mark of 58.23 minutes is reached. The mark was set in Lisboa 2010, and this spring Muchiri was only 51 seconds short with his 59.14 minute-dash.

”In athletics, world records are never to be reckoned with. These achievements are by nature on a whole different level than we’ve ever seen. Everything must come together in the half marathon. You need the right “pacers”, the route must be flat and have as few turns as possible, and the runners must be the best in the world. Here in Copenhagen, these factors are in place. Now we only need the right weather which first and foremost means as little wind as possible,” says the Head of Elite Sports, Henrik Paulsen.

The Danish Championship
As was the case last year, The Danish Championships will once again be staged as part of the CPH Half.
After the elite runners, a huge peloton of recreational runners will follow. By now, more than 20,000 start numbers have been sold, and the hosting organisations expect more than 21,000 competitors at the starting line when the gun goes off at 11.15 am. Less than an hour later, some of the best runners in the world will make for a strong finish on Østre Allé – perhaps in a world record time.

”When everything comes down to it, it’s all about the runners. As hosts we have done a great amount of preparation to make sure the settings are perfect for a shot at the world record. It takes a large investment, but it’s worth it, even though they might not break the time. With more than 20.000 competitors it’s already a success,” Director of the Danish Athletic Federation, Jakob Larsen, makes it clear.

These runners have a shot at a possible world record:
Bedan Karoki Muchiri KEN – 26 years (photo). The winner of CPH Half 2015 have positioned himself throughout the last couple of years as one of the best runners in the world. In March, he claimed the silver at the Cardif Half Marathon World Championships in Cardiff, and competing in finals both at the World and Olympic Games 10,000 km he always finished better than 7th place.

James Mwangi Wangari KEN – 22 years. A very exciting name in the field, who only had his half marathon debut this March in Milan – a race which he won in 59.12 minutes. Only one runner has done a faster time this season.

Stephen Kosgei Kibet KEN – 29 years. A rutined runner, who’ve made the sub one hour-dash no less than four times. At the World Championships in 2012 he finished fifth.

Other runners going for the top:
Yigrem Demelash ETH – 22 years. You will be wise to watch Demelash. This young gun from Ethiopia finished fourth in the Olympic 10 km final in Rio. Currently number one in the world rankings on the distance with a time of 26:51:11. This March in Italy, he tried the half marathon out for the first time and only finished second by five seconds with a total of 59.49 minutes.

Abraham Cheroben BRN – 23 years. In 2014, Cheroben topped the world rankings with a 58.48 minute-mark, a race that won him the Valencia Half Marathon. The time placed him as the seventh fastest on the distance ever. In 2015 he switched his Kenyan citizenship with a Bahraini one – this year he finished tenth in the Olympic 10 km final.
Leonard Patrick Komon KEN – 28 years. In just two months in the fall of 2010, Komon grabbed two world records. These two official records still stand: 10 km road race (26.44 minutes) and 15 km road race (41.13 minutes).

Sammy Kitwara KEN – 29 years. In March, Kitwara supassed all competitors at the great half marathon race in Lisboa. In a time of 59.47 minutes, he was the only runner below the hour. The biggest feat of Kitwara’s carrier was his second place at the 2014 Chicago Marathon where he did a splendid 2:04:28-time.

Sammy Kitwara KEN – 29 years. In March, Kitwara supassed all competitors at the great half marathon race in Lisboa. In a time of 59.47 minutes, he was the only runner below the hour. The biggest feat of Kitwara’s carrier was his second place at the 2014 Chicago Marathon where he did a splendid 2:04:28-time.

Mosinet Geremew ETH – 24 years. The Ethiopian ended his 2015-season with a world ranking fifth place. A 59.21 minute-time and second place at the New Dehli Half Marathon made up this impressive achievement.

Berhanu Legesse ETH – 22 years. Nr. 3 in the world rankings in 2015. Legesse won the New Dehli Half Marathon in November 2015 with a 59.20 minute-mark.
Facts on Copenhagen Half Marathon

Copenhagen Half Marathon was the first Nordic Road Race to be awarded the prestigious Bronze Label and now Silver Label of the International Association of Athletics Federations, IAAF, which place CPH Half in the very top of the world ranking of attractive races.

19,425 Danish and international runners completed Copenhagen Half Marathon year 1 Sunday 13th of September 2015
Favourite Bedan Karoki Munciri (KEN) won Copenhagen Half Marathon setting a personal best with a finish time of 59:14. 2nd and 3rd finishers were Alex Oloitiptip Korio (KEN) and Edwin Kipyego (KEN) respectively.
Organized by: The Danish Athletic Federation and Sparta Athletics & Running
Powered by: Nordea-fonden
Partners: Sport Event Denmark, The City of Copenhagen, The City of Frederiksberg and Wonderful Copenhagen.
Entry fee: 500 dkr. (450 dkr. Before 5th Sept)
Maximum number of participants: 25,000
Date: Sunday 18th of September 2016