Five great days with 3-Cushion at the World Championship in Denmark


The music and theater house, Vaerket, formed an epic backdrop for the 3-Cushion World Championship, and the spectators added an intense atmosphere when the world’s best billiard players met in Randers, Denmark.

To the sound of ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ the 48 players from 23 nations were presented in smoke and steam for the opening ceremony on Tuesday last week. The five world championship days in Randers offered world-class billiard with an exceptional atmosphere where sports, history, and cultural life meet.

– With this World Championship, we had a great collaboration with Randers Event Secretariat and Sport Event Denmark. Randers has always been very active in billiard and has produced several great players. Last week, our many volunteers and we organized world-class 3-Cushion and thus promoted the sport to the Danes, and Denmark to the World of Billiard, says Torsten Danielsson, president of The Danish Billiard Federation, DDBU.

In Randers, too, there is great satisfaction with the event, which, in addition to attracting many spectators, also was broadcasted every day on TV.

– The World Championship 3-Cushion has once again put Randers on the map. We did it in 2002 and again this week. The event was great. It was amazing to experience such great players. Thanks to all the participants and players. It was also a pleasure to help showcase that a small sport is just as viable as major sports, says Torben Hansen, mayor, Randers.

The strategy of the Municipality of Randers is to attract and stage international sporting events in collaboration with Sport Event Denmark and federations like DDBU.

For Sport Event Denmark, the event is an excellent example of the fact that even smaller sports in Denmark can do big things.

– Billiard in Denmark has fewer members and less attention than the big federations. Despite this fact, the World Championship 3-Cushion was staged in exiting settings and with great success. The Danish federation and Randers – in collaboration with Sport Event Denmark – delivered. We will transfer the experience gained for future events, says Lars Lundov, director of Sport Event Denmark.

Editor’s Note

World Championship 3-cusion was staged in Randers, Denmark from the 26-30. November 2019. 48 players from 23 nations participated. The Danish Billiard Federation in collaboration with Randers Event Secretariat and Sport Event Denmark staged the event.

World Champion: Torbjørn Blomdahl, Sweden

Number of volunteers: 40