A spectacular family feud at the European Championship in 10-dance


The European Championship became the exact celebration of the sport as intended, when 22 couples competed for the championship in a festive setting at Savvarket in Aarhus, Denmark this weekend (September 19th.) Here the Russian couple, Semen Khrzhanovskiy and Elizaveta Lykhina danced away with the title, while the organizer and partners unanimously were thrilled.

“It was our first European Championship for Denmark, and even though we have worked extremely hard for this, we did not expect a podium place in our wildest imagination. It was completely euphoric and what a fantastic home track!” said Errol and Ami Williamson with the bronze medals around their necks. The silver medallists were Earle Williamson and Veronika Mysko from the Ukraine, while the European Champions were the Russian couple Semen Khrzhanovskiy and Elizaveta Lykhina. Earle, Errol and Ami are by the way all younger siblings to Ashli Williamson, who together with Bjørn Bitsch organized the event.

The joy over the execution of the European Championship in 10-dance shone through at both the organizers and partners. Bjørn Bitsch, who in collaboration with the Danish Dance Sport Federation, Aarhus Events and Sport Event Denmark hosted the event, said it like this: “What a ride! It has been a ride to remember. At first the postponements due to the Covid-19 situation and then a power failure halfway through the championship. But how cool it was to see the dancers, adjudicators, volunteers, spectators, partners – everybody at Savvaerket created a fantastic atmosphere!”

Also, the Danish Sport Dance Federation were happy about the recently settled event: “Yes! The rightful winners were proclaimed, and we got the opportunity to show our sport to the Danes and Denmark to the European dance world” said the Chairman of the federation Karen Pedersen, while Jørn Sønderkjær Christensen, event manager at Aarhus Event added: Aarhus has a long and proud tradition of great dance events, and this European Championship in 10-dance may help to attract future events to the city.”

“Every time Denmark hosts a championship it is a golden opportunity to e.g. give the Danes front row seats to great sport events and a home track to Danish athletes. Last night, the spectators acknowledged with a spectacular atmosphere at the wonderful setting at Savvaerket – and Errol and Ami acknowledged with a fantastic third place” said Lars Lundlow, Director, Sport Event Denmark.



Gold: Semen Khrzhanovskiy and Elizaveta Lykhina (Russia)

Silver: Earle Williamson and Veronika Myshko (Ukraine)

Bronze: Errol Williamson and Ami Williamson (Denmark)

The European Championship in 10-Dance were held at Savvaerket in southern Aarhus on 19 September 2020.

The European Championships in 10-Dance is an official championship under the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF).

WDSF has 99 member countries, of which 54 are in Europe. The European Championships are held every year.

WDSF is a member of the IOC.

22 couples from a similar number of nations participated in the championship

The European Championships were organized by B&A Events with the Danish Dance Sport Federation, Aarhus Events / Municipality and Sport Event Denmark as partners and in close collaboration with the facility, Savvaerket.