New dates for the BWF Thomas & Uber Cup in Denmark

Press release from Badminton Denmark

The TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup is coming to Denmark in 2021, and the BWF has just announced the new dates for the major event. October 9-17, 2021, the world team championships for men’s teams and women’s teams will for the first time ever be held simultaneously in Europe.

Though it was planned and replanned several times, 2020 wasn’t the year, that the TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup would come to Denmark.

The good news, however, is that the Badminton World Federation, BWF, has just announced, that the championships are coming to Aarhus, Denmark October 9-17, 2021.We are very happy, that we in cooperation with the BWF, our sponsors and partners have succeeded in finding new dates for the Thomas & Uber Cup in 2021. Hopefully, the Covid-19 situation will be under control, so that we can give Danish and international fans the great experience of witnessing world class badminton in one of the world’s best event countries. No doubt, we will put in all we have got to create that badminton celebration, which all of us have been missing and waiting for, says Bo Jensen, CEO of Badminton Denmark.

Unquestionably, the badminton festival will be bouncing in Denmark in October. In addition to the TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup in week 40 and 41, VICTOR DENMARK OPEN will, true to tradition, be played in Odense in week 42, October 19-24. In other words, fans worldwide will have plenty of opportunities, when it comes to watching national as well as international badminton icons live in action.

In Aarhus, they are indeed excited to get to host the first part of the badminton festival.

Hopefully, we will begin to vaccinate against Covid-19 very soon. From there, we will be dreaming of a brighter future in which we all can come together to sport events and great experiences. I am looking forward to welcoming the badminton elite from around the world here in Aarhus. Together with all the badminton fans and volunteers in Aarhus we are very excited to see these dates for this big event, says Rabih Azad-Ahmad, alderman of Aarhus Municipality.

Also, Sport Event Denmark is looking forward to getting yet another skyscraping event to the Danish event program in 2021.It is indeed great, that the dates are now set for the Thomas & Uber Cup next year. The world team championships will for sure be one of the lighthouses of the 2021 event calendar along with both the European football Championships and the canoe and kayak sprint world championships, says Lars Lundov, CEO of Sport Event Denmark.

Together with the Thomas & Uber Cup sponsors, TOTAL (title sponsor), HSBC, Yonex, Moutai, GoDaddy, Alps, Danisa, Mille Food, and the partners BWF, Aarhus Municipality, Sport Event Denmark, Salling Fondene, and ViaBiler, we are looking forward to welcoming you to the TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup in Ceres Arena, Aarhus, from October 9-17, 2021.


The TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup is played in Ceres Park & Arena, Aarhus, October 9-17, 2021.

Denmark is the first country in Europe to have won the status as host organization both championships.

Denmark has previously been the host of the individual World Championships in 2014, 1999, 1991, 1983 and also the Sudirman Cup (the mixed team world championships) in 1991 and 1999.

The Danish men’s team won as the first European nation ever the Thomas Cup in 2016. At the most recent championship in Thailand in 2018, the Danish men’s team won bronze.

The Danish Uber Cup team has never won the championships, but has come in second in 2000, 1960 and 1957.