The Ocean Race 2023: Danish Stopover City Aarhus reveals Presenting Partner


The City of Aarhus has the honour of being the first Danish city ever to host The Ocean Race. Now, the beautiful port city has found a strong Presenting Partner in the form of internationally renowned software innovation company Trifork.

Over 14 days in May / June 2023, the City of Aarhus will host The Ocean Race. It will be a massive event with an expectation of up to 400,000 happy guests, world-class sailing and a large area where both students and businesses focus on the problems of polluted oceans and the need to think in sustainable solutions.

It is the love of sailing and the necessity of sustainable solutions moving forward that has convinced Trifork CEO and Founder, Joern Larsen, to support The Ocean Race Aarhus 2023:

”Trifork is proud to support such an important and huge event as The Ocean Race Stopover in Aarhus. Ever since 1996, Trifork’s mission has been to try to improve the world. Therefore, we have always been a company that has supported sailing and young sailors. Moreover, it is incredibly important for Trifork to focus on the marine environment and ensure that we get a cleaner sea. It is the oceans that connect the world, and The Ocean Race draws a line between the continents and the three billion people who live off the oceans daily. We choose to get involved as a Presenting Partner to speak out on behalf of the marine environment and focus on the enormous problem of waste in the world’s oceans. It is a problem that requires us to act now. At the same time, the sponsorship gives Trifork a unique opportunity to achieve national and international visibility,” says Joern Larsen.

Jacob Bundsgaard, Mayor, City of Aarhus, is thrilled to have Trifork onboard as Presenting Partner for The Ocean Race Aarhus 2023:

“The fact that Aarhus as the first Danish city ever is Stopover City for The Ocean Race – one of the largest sporting events in the world – really emphasizes the city’s position as a world-class event city. The Ocean Race is an event with strong messages about the importance of, among other things, sustainability. And with Trifork as Presenting Partner, we can present a meaningful collaboration with a locally based company, which in addition to an impressive international reputation shares the same good values ​​on sustainability,” says Jacob Bundsgaard.

Sport Event Denmark – the national sporting event organization and trusted partner for many years – welcomes Trifork:

“It seems fitting that Trifork and The Ocean Race 2023 in Aarhus enter into this critical and pervasive collaboration. That’s well done. Sustainability and climate considerations are becoming more and more urgent, also within international sporting events. Staging The Ocean Race in Denmark will help to focus on these aspects too,” says Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark.

Rabih Azad-Ahmad, Mayor of Sport, Culture and Citizen Services, City of Aarhus, looks forward to inviting the public to this major milestone in Danish history:

“Aarhus is internationally known as a successful host of large cultural events, including our year as European Capital of Culture, hosting the conference SportAccord 2017, and a number of major international sailing events. I am proud that Aarhus in 2023 will host The Ocean Race, which in addition to an incredibly high sporting level has an important focus on sustainability. I look forward to involving the city and inviting everyone to visit the beautiful port of Aarhus. I am deeply grateful that Trifork supports Aarhus’ great ambitions,” says Rabih Azad-Ahmad.


About The Ocean Race

  • Since 1973, top athletes have sailed around the world in the race formerly known as the Whitbread Round the World Race and the Volvo Ocean Race.
  • The Ocean Race 2022/23 edition starts in Alicante, Spain in October 2022.
  • Aarhus is the first Danish Stopover City in the history of the race.
  • The ships will be in Aarhus for 14 days, and the event is expected to attract up to 400,000 guests.
  • Sailing Aarhus and the Aarhus International Sailing Center are key partners in the project.
  • Public partners include Aarhus Municipality, Sport Event Denmark, and the Central Denmark Region.

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