Scandinavia joins forces to bid for EHF Euro in 2026 or 2028


The Handball Federations of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are proud to announce that for the first time ever they are jointly bidding for the rights to host the EHF EURO (both Men’s and Women’s) in either 2026 or 2028. Under the name ‘Scandinavia Connect’, the three countries aim to host an EHF Euro that will have innovation at its core to capitalise on the modern-day opportunities presented to the sport due to advances in technology.

Scandinavia will connect European Handball and all its members to new ways of exchanging best practices, new ways of reaching untapped audiences and new ways of hosting more sustainable events. Ultimately, Scandinavia will connect European Handball to a stronger future.

All three countries bring impressive event hosting experience to the table, and a great passion for Handball. The joint bid provides the EHF with the possibility to host their flagship event in one of the most connected regions in the world; it is easy to get to and get around in, which will benefit the organisation of the event and both teams and fans alike.

The presidents of the three Scandinavian Handball Federations are excited and fully committed to this joint bid.

Per Bertelsen, President of the Danish Handball Federation said:

“Now is the right time for Scandinavia to join forces. We believe we can build on the positive momentum we see in our sport. Together, we can deliver a world-class event that will be a true celebration for European Handball, while also providing valuable solutions that will make all of European Handball stronger for the future.”

Kåre Geir Lio, President of the Norwegian Handball Federation, added:

“Handball is strong across Europe, but we can always be stronger. European Handball members, both big and small, should be more connected to share experiences. And while we are already seeing a surge in social media, the opportunity to find new ways to connect to untapped audiences across the continent can’t be ignored. Scandinavia connect is really just about building a stronger future for our sport.”

And Frederik Rapp, President Swedish Handball Federation, concluded:

“The commitment to finding sustainable solutions across all industries and areas of life is very clear in all of Scandinavia. To connect the Scandinavian approach and experience in sustainability with European Handball is so valuable. Finding more sustainable solutions for future events could be a real game-changer for the future of our sport.”