dENMARK TO HOST European Championships in 5-Pins Billiards

Ridehuset, Værket Randers/Denmark August 4th -7th 2022
Denmark hosts the European Championships in one of the billiards sport’s finest disciplines 5-Pins. The Danish Billiards Federation (DDBU), the city of Randers and Sport Event Denmark (SED) look forward to welcoming Europe’s best players, who are also among the world’s best.
“European Championship in 5-Pins Billiards in Randers will be a great experience, both organizationally and in terms of play! DDBU looks forward to, once again, together with the
municipality of Randers and Sport Event Denmark, dazzling up world-class billiards in Denmark.
Randers and Værket have been chosen as venue due to the great success of the World Championships in 3-Cushion Billiards in November 2019 with more than 50 hours of live
broadcasting on TV-2 Sport”, says Torsten Danielsson, President of The Danish Billiard Federation (DDBU).

This is the first time DDBU hosts a European Championship in 5-Pins Billiards Individually, which is a special great honor, as Denmark has some of Europe’s and the world’s best players in this special equilibristic discipline, which is played in most of Europe and South- and Central America. Italy alone counts several million players! After football, 5-Pins is Italy’s second largest sport.
Denmark hosted the European 5-Pins Championship for national teams in Odense in 2009.
“The European Championships in 5-Pins Billiards takes place in an exceptionally beautiful setting.
The choice of venue fell on “Ridehuset” at “Værket” in Randers. A building from 1887 originally used for the dragon barracks of King Christian X. The place is today used for large concerts and
cultural events.
The idea is to create a significant special atmosphere where sport, history and cultural life meet each other. Built in the childhood of billiards, “Ridehuset” is certainly a good platform to create that atmosphere.
“It is absolutely fantastic that Randers will host another international billiards championship. It is therefore also the idea to organize a number of side events that can help promote the European Championships”, says Event Manager Mette Bertelsen from Randers Event Secretariat.
The special thing about 5-Pins is that the discipline is also called the Skomar-sport’s international discipline because of the many similarities between the 2 disciplines. Skomar is played in Denmark regularly by estimated more than 100,000 people – and most people have at some point played a
game of Skomar!
There will be free access to both the European Championships and the side events for everyone.
Come and enjoy great world-class billiards from August 4th to August 7th 2022.

Like DDBU and Randers, the CEO of Sport Event Denmark Lars Lundov, is pleased that Denmark will host the European Championships in 5-Pins Billiards:
“At Sport Event Denmark, we work hard to attract large international sports events to give Danish athletes and fans home base. Last week, the Danish badminton players had their home base in Aarhus at the World Cup for teams, just as footballers, sailors, canoeists and kayakers have
competed on home soil over the summer. We are therefore pleased that the European Championships in 5-Pins will be held in Randers in 2022. Randers is a world-class home turf!
We saw that at the 2019 World Championships in 3-Cushion Carom billiards.”

Facts about the European Championships in 5-Pins Billiards 2022
The European Championship will be played in Randers, and the tournament will take place in the days August 4th – 7th 2022. Denmark will be represented by 4 players chosen via the national ranking and 1 extra wildcard.
Over the years, Denmark has achieved several great results at European Championships in 5 -Pins:
EM Bronze Individual 2006 Mirabella (It): Jan Mortensen
Team European Championship silver 2010 Odense (Dk)
Team Euro silver 2017 Brandenburg (De)
Team European Bronze 2013 Brandenburg (De)
Team European Bronze 2014 Parabiago (It)
World Championship Gold Individual Biathlon 1991 Thiene ( It) (Combination 3-Cushion/5-Pins) Erling Sjørup
The expectations for the European Championships are high. DDBU expects to capture at least 1 medal and
that all Danes are situated among the top-24 of all players. And who knows? Maybe a big surprise awaits!