Creating the smart sports cities of the future in Copenhagen

IOC President Thomas Bach opened the Smart Cities and Sport Summit 2021 with a corona version of the Olympic motto; Higher – stronger – together. In recent days, the cities of the sport have been discussing and networking in Copenhagen to set the bar higher together and come up with stronger set-ups.

With its clean harbour, many bicycle lanes and recreative spaces, Copenhagen has been a logic backdrop for this year’s Smart Cities and Sport Summit, where the focus has been on creating active, inclusive, and liveable cities.   

“The Olympic movement and Copenhagen share many values, such as focus on a healthy lifestyle, climate, and sustainability. And I think I can speak for all of us when I say it is great to be back in Wonderful Copenhagen,” said Thomas Bach, President of the IOC, in his speech at the conference.

For the local hosts; The City of Copenhagen, Sports Confederation of Denmark, Wonderful Copenhagen and Sport Event Denmark, the Smart Cities and Sport Summit was a perfect platform to share Copenhagen’s many sustainable solutions but also a chance learn from the world and consider what event can push Copenhagen towards a more sustainable, active and liveable future.

“In the NOC and Sports Confederation of Denmark (DIF) we aim to make Denmark the world’s most sports-active nation, and here we are not just looking at members of the sports associations. We also look at, for example, the self-organized in various sports communities and at the citizens who are active during transport. We hope that this conference has inspired other big cities to secure more active citizens and shown Denmark as a sporting pioneer country,” says Hans Natorp, chairman of DIF.

In 2009, Rio was awarded the Olympic Games in Copenhagen, and since then, the city has hosted several other international meetings, seminars, and conferences. Every time the Copenhagen hosts conferences and sporting events, it is an obvious opportunity to show the international guests how Denmark interprets the role of hosting.

“In Denmark, we are first and foremost good at collaborating. Host cities, federations, and Sport Event Denmark have for the past almost 15 years invited the World of Sport for major, international championships, and conferences. For many of the participants at this conference, it was a revisit in Copenhagen, and it is wonderful to experience their acknowledgement of Denmark as a host,” says Lars Lundov, CEO of Sport Event Denmark.