100 days to the Tour de France in Denmark marked throughout the country


In a hundred days, the world’s greatest bicycle race kicks off the first three stages in Denmark from July 1-3. This was marked throughout the country today with a wide range of events in the five tour-cities.

An epic visit to the Great Belt Bridge, a school visit to Nyborg, the launch of a new Super Bike Path from Roskilde to Copenhagen, and the unveiling of the official Tissot countdown clock at the City Hall Square in Copenhagen. With only 100 days to go the Danes celebrated the milestone event with a visit from General Director of The Tour de France Christian Prudhomme, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Simon Kollerup, and the mayors of the five Danish start- and finish cities participated.

“In 100 days, the Tour de France – the world’s largest cycling race – will start in Denmark and the world’s best cycling city, Copenhagen. Across three amazing stages, we will show our beautiful cycling country to the entire world and make a huge celebration, which will bring everyone together. It does not get better than this, ” says Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and Chairman of the Board of Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark.

The 100-day celebration got a beautiful start on the top of the Great Belt Bridge, where Christian Prudhomme, A.S.O and Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Simon Kollerup visited one of the pylons. Around the same time, Sønderborg decorated the King Christian X’s bridge in yellow to celebrate the 100 days. The festivities continued with a school visit to Nyborg, where the students showed how they incorporated the upcoming Tour de France into their studies. In Roskilde, the city focused on opening a new Super Bike Path and the unveiling of new sewer covers with the Danish Grand Départ logo.

“When the greatest riders in the world race through our beautiful country, the local hotels, restaurants, and cafés will host the many visitors. Tour de France is a once in a lifetime opportunity to show our many strengths and special Danish DNA. Therefore, I’m very pleased that the yellow celebration is also a window of opportunity for Danish businesses,” says Simon Kollerup, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

In the afternoon, there was a bike ride with the Grand Départ trophy from Vesterbro Torv to the City Hall Square. Here, General director Christian Prudhomme, The Lord Mayor and chairman of the board, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen. They were joined by a group of approx. two hundred everyday cyclists from local cycling clubs, nursing homes, kindergartens, and schools. Immediately after, the official countdown clock was switched on at the City Hall Square followed by a reception at the City Hall with speeches and the opening of an extensive Tour de France exhibition ‘The Tour & The Cycling City’.
“Today we celebrate 100 days to go for the Danish Grand Départ and three spectacular stages across Denmark. It will be amazing, and I cannot wait to show cycling fans from all over world the unique Danish passion for everyday biking. The Grand Départ Copenhague / Danemark 2022 is truly a perfect match for the Tour de France: One of the best cycling nations in the world welcomes the greatest cycling race in the world,” says General Director of Tour de France, Christian Prudhomme

The marking of the 100 days for the Tour Start in Denmark continues tomorrow, Thursday, March 24, in Sønderborg and Vejle. The day begins in Sønderborg, where you are invited to a business meeting in the morning with a focus on the Tour de France and a subsequent press conference. Next, the celebration continues in Vejle, which will mark the 100th day with a fully dressed tour site. There will be visits from a bicycle mascot, and opportunities to experience the tour route in Vejle in a virtual cycling simulator.