First of 60,000 trees planted for the FEI World Championships2022 in Denmark

The FEI World Championships Forest in Herning, Denmark is now a reality. Today, the Organising committee planted the first of 60,000 trees.

It is the ambition of the Organisers’ to approach sustainability in a completely new way. Therefore, Herning2022 has worked closely with the Municipality of Herning on a number of green initiatives. One of the initiatives is planting a forest in the outskirts of Herning, which will help compensate CO2 for decades to come.

– Forests are a significant positive factor in many areas. They are habitats for animals, insects, and plants, and they fixate CO2 as the trees grow. The world lacks forests and biodiversity, and the WC-Forest fits well into the world of equestrian, says Jens Trabjerg, Herning2022.

Inspiration for other events

The forest will be a place for play, exercise, and much more. Initially, 60,000 trees will be planted in the forest. Jens Trabjerg is pleased to help create a unique area and, at the same time, help carbon sequestration.

– We want to inspire how more major, international sporting events can be staged more sustainably, and here we collaborate with Sport Event Denmark. Hopefully, we can help inspire event organisers, audiences and – yes everyone – to take greater responsibility for our planet. The WC forest will be a lasting, growing, and green heritage for everyone who wants to come by and enjoy the many diverse forest experiences for many years to come, says Jens Trabjerg.


The forest area will ensure good conditions for biodiversity and help carbon sequestration. Sixty thousand trees are planted in collaboration with the Growing Trees Network, a self-governing institution that grows new forests both in Denmark and abroad through donations. Calculations show that the WC Forest in this century will fixate 12,000 tons of CO2.

FEI World Championships Herning 2022 will be staged in Herning from 6.-14. August 2022, and with approximately 200,000 visitors. The event will be the largest equestrian event on Danish soil ever. Sport Event Denmark, Herning Municipality, and the Danish Equestrian Federation partner the FEI World Championships 2022.