Wado Karate; The 10th  WIKF Global Cup 2022 in Denmark

More than 700 elite karate athletes from all over the world  take over Holstebro, Denmark  on 26-28 August 2022.

The  Gråkjær Arena in Holstebro, Denmark will once again be transformed into a karate mecca. In 2015, the 18th WIKF Wado karate European Championships were staged in the arena,  and in 2017, the arena framed the Danish Championships. Now it’s time for the 10th WIKF Global Cup 2022 in Wado Karate.

There are millions of karate athletes worldwide, and karate is a significant sport in Denmark. The karate style is Wado-Ryu. Literally translated Wado Ryu means “the way of Peace ” and is one of the four main styles within WKF and Olympic sports.

– You will experience karate at a high international level, with participants who participated in the Olympics in Tokyo 2021, guarantees the president of Budo Sports Karate, Lone Viberg Larsen.

In addition to the many international participants  judges, team officials,  and families will attend. The travel manager in Holstebro is responsible for the practical part of accommodation and transport of all participants and fellow travelers.

Chairman of the Business and Tourism Committee, Torben Gudiksen, is excited that the 10th WIKF  Global Cup 2022 in Wado karate is coming to Holstebro:

-It is living proof that when we as a municipality join forces with businesses, associations, and Sport Event Denmark major sporting events such as the 10th WIKF Global Cup 2022. The Championship helps attract athletes from all over the world and spectators get the opportunity to visit our region.

The chairman of the Culture and Leisure Committee, Lene Dybdal also looks forward to the coming event:

– Once again, Holstebro Municipality is on the ‘karate map.’ It is fantastic that we have an active club embracing the talent and elite within the karate, which again helps make the city the center of karate in Northern Europe.

The local expectation is shared by the director of Sport Event Denmark, which is the national sporting event organization:

– There will be great  opportunities to experience world-class sports on the last weekend in August. With the WIKF Global Cup, the World Cup in ice hockey for women, and the European Championships in stand-up paddle, I look forward to great experiences on land, at sea, and on the ice. The WIKF Global Cup is an obvious opportunity to brand the sport in Denmark and Denmark internationally within the sport, says Lars Lundov.

The 10th  WIKF Global Cup 2022 is staged  in a collaboration between WIKF Denmark, Budo Sportskarate Holstebro, Holstebro Municipality and Sport Event Denmark, and the Travel Manager, who is one of the main sponsors.