World Company Sport Games to Denmark in 2026


Colleagues from all over the world will compete in Frederikshavn, Denmark in the World Company Sport Games in 2026. After several years of skillful lobbying, Denmark has landed one of the most significant company sports events.

In 2026, Denmark will host more than 5,000 participants in the World Company Sport Games (WCSG).

Denmark already has a good reputation as the organizer of the European version, ECSG, which has been staged in Denmark twice before. Most recently in 2007 in Aalborg – in the same region as Frederikshavn.

“Thanks to the professional work of our talented partners – the local clubs,  Frederikshavn Municipality, Sport Event Denmark, and Arena Nord, we now welcome a world company sports event to Denmark,” says Peder Bisgaard, president of the Danish Federation for Company Sport, and vice-president of EFCS.

Peder Bisgaard further explains that the Danish Federation for Company Sport welcomes the opportunity to give colleagues from all over the world an insight into how Denmark practices company sports. The company sports federations in Norway and Sweden have already indicated that they expect large participation.

“We also hope that many Danish workplaces will form strong relationships through sports with like-minded people from all over the world,” says Peder Bisgaard.

The many participants will experience a Danish interpretation of the Olympic Games with no fewer than 25 sports and a wide range of side activities during the four days of the Games.


”In Frederikshavn ,we love to have guests, and together with our trusted partners from the Danish Federation for Company Sport, and Sport Event Denmark you can look forward to an active but also relaxing stay with good friends. Most venues are “just around the corner”, so participants can enjoy and take in the Company Sport Games atmosphere before, during and after the activities,” says Birgit S. Hansen, mayor of Frederikshavn Municipality.

”Frederikshavn will host the World Company Sport Games in 2026. This is the result of an extended bidding and lobbying process, and we have been able to continuously demonstrate how we host large, international sporting events in Denmark. We are looking forward to welcoming the thousands of participants from all over the world in collaboration with Frederikshavn Municipality, and the Danish Federation for Company Sport,” says Lars Lundov, CEO of Sport Event Denmark – and adds that the many foreign participants will generate significant revenue for the tourism industry.

“Many years of work will culminate in 2026 when Frederikshavn hosts WCSG 2026. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with many people who work with Company Sports worldwide – and we look forward to showing what Frederikshavn’s municipality has to offer. The event will be staged in strong collaboration between the Danish Federation for Company Sport, the host city, Sport Event Denmark, and the local clubs,” says Per Malmberg, managing director, Arena Nord.