Denmark succeeded: ECCO FEI World Championships Herning – Denmark 2022

Press release on behalf of Herning 2022

From 6-14 August 2022, Herning hosted the ECCO FEI World Championships Herning – Denmark 2022 for the first time. The disciplines were dressage, show jumping, pairs dressage, and vaulting. Denmark, quite sensationally, became the most winning nation ahead of the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, and Germany. 

From the very beginning, it was the Danish mission to host the World Championships to

  • create a united celebration with a unique experience in Herning
  • Involve  all inside the equestrian circuit – but also include parties outside this World
  • Ensure high quality and standard for the event execution
  • Ensure growth and value creation for all
  • Promote Denmark and Danish Equestrian Sport
  • Increase knowledge of equestrian sports in Denmark

Did Denmark succeed? Now the overall national evaluation is ready and quantifies some of the effects of the ECCO FEI World Championships Herning – Denmark 2022.

The evaluation shows, among other things, that 167,000 people visited the ECCO FEI World Championships and  the championship set new standards for sustainable development in several areas.

“When we finished the ECCO FEI World Championships 2022, to be honest – we had it. But here we are, six months later, with an evaluation that proves it was worth it in every way. The event generated more than € 35 mill and set new standards for sustainable development. And Denmark won five fantastic gold medals,” says Jens Trabjerg, who, together with Casper Cassøe, organized the ECCO FEI World Championships. 

Trabjerg and Cassøe ordered the national evaluation. The evaluation is based on data and analyses from VisitDenmark and Wilke and data provided by independent suppliers to the international Equestrian Federation, FEI. FEI has also taken note of the many positive figures in the evaluation:

“The evaluation of the FEI World Championships 2022 in Herning (DEN) proves that a multi-disciplinary World Championships can be held cost-effectively and sustainably,” FEI President Ingmar De Vos said. 

 “The Organising Committee in Herning successfully included sustainability into every aspect of their planning and delivery of the Championships and worked diligently towards energy efficiency, waste reduction, and other ecological measures. This has left a lasting legacy not just for our sport, but also for the local community, and showed that change can take place when there is collective will, commitment, and creativity.”  

Like the international federation, the partners behind the World Championships also read the evaluation. The Danish Equestrian Federation, Herning Municipality, and Sport Event Denmark all see essential and valuable data in the evaluation.

Danish equestrian sport delivered ten medals, five of them gold!

“We had historic World Championships, and the final evaluation is also historic. The evaluation is worth its weight in gold. With this evaluation, we’re now able to see how many people cheered for us on home ground and how many watched equestrian sports on TV and other channels. In terms of sport, Danish equestrian sport delivered the best result of all time – and the fact that it took place on home ground only made the success even greater. A contributing factor to the successful staging was the many volunteers and our sponsors. Without them it would not have been possible,” says Ulf Helgstrand, President Danish Equestrian Federation.

The evaluation also includes an analysis focusing on the event’s media coverage. This analysis also shows excellent results. The World Championships was covered in 96 countries with 346 hours of TV coverage. In addition to TV coverage, there was also coverage by written media and still photographers. In addition, there was impressive coverage on the event’s social media. There were 226.2 million views and 15.8 million video views.

“The evaluation report is an impressive work with relevant and instructive data that we can take with us in our work with other major international sporting events in Denmark. For example, there are media figures from both the organizers and the FEI, and there is no doubt that with the ECCO FEI World Championships in Denmark, we have reached far more equestrian enthusiasts than the 167,000 visitors to Herning,” says Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark.

The evaluation focuses on spectator measurement and tourism economics. VisitDenmark’s figures show that tourism consumption at the World Championships was impressive.

“I am very pleased to note that the many spectators at the World Championships had a fantastic experience, in fact 96% said they had a good or very good experience. And they also spent money on food, accommodation and tickets. The evaluation translate tourism spending into 277 full-time jobs. These are figures that we in Herning are proud of,” says Dorte West, Mayor of Herning.

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