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Runners in shout out: Want the World Athletics World Half Marathon back in Copenhagen

Press release Sparta

Copenhagen revisited! The World Half Marathon 2026 in Denmark? Thousands of runners join in a shout-out in support of the Danish bid for the World Athletic Road Running Championships 2026.

This weekend, the Copenhagen-based athletic club, Sparta, is mobilizing its many thousands of recreational runners in a joint message to World Athletics: Running the World Half Marathon in Copenhagen in 2026 would be a dream come true. Sparta is thus calling on runners to support the Danish bid for the World Athletics Road Running Championships 2026.

In recent years, Copenhagen and Denmark have made a significant international footprint by hosting sporting events. Countries worldwide have particularly noticed the public and festive celebration of sports like road running. The joyous celebration is a strong argument in the bid for the World Athletics Road Running Championships 2026 from Sparta, Danish Athletics, Sport Event Denmark, Wonderful Copenhagen, and Copenhagen.

“You may say that the World Half Marathon in 2014 was the start of a new era for running in Denmark, where elite and recreational participants race together. With the World Half, Danish running events took a giant step forward. It was a huge success with 30,000 recreational runners and sold out during the first week. Allowing recreational runners to participate in the championships started here. It is something that has later spread to other sports and now also the Olympics. Next year, in Paris, 20,000 runners will join the Olympic marathon,” says Dorte Vibjerg, CEO of Sparta.

The World Athletics Road Running Championships 2026 consists of the World Half Marathon, 5 km, and the one Mile. The Danish bid invites the World of Running to a week-long running festival in the heart of Copenhagen. Recreational runs for all ages, conferences, seminars, and the two world championship days. 

It is a World Championship that many nations would like to host, so it is by no means given that Denmark will run with the victory.

“We know that many people dream of running the World Half Marathon in Copenhagen again. Now, we give all these runners a voice in a joint call on social media. With the Danish bid, we are up against several strong nations. We can in no way announce ourselves as favorites to host. Still, we can do everything we can to draw attention to Denmark as a nation of runners at all levels. We have outstanding examples of the Danes being crazy about recreational runs. Just look at the Royal Run, the DHL Stafetten Copenhagen, and our just sold-out CPH Half. Together with Sport Event Denmark, Wonderful Copenhagen, Copenhagen, and Danish Athletics, we have put together a bid for the World Athletics Road Running Championships 2026, which includes both recreational and elite races, seminars, clinics, and a festive setting in the heart of Copenhagen,” says Dorte Viberg and continues

“And foreigners flock to Copenhagen. 50% of the participants in the Copenhagen Marathon 2024 are from abroad. 40% of the participants CPH Half are also from abroad. We are ready to support another major sporting event.”

While Sparta has reported it sold out for the CPH Half in September, work is now being done on the last parts of the Danish presentation and bid for the World Athletics Road Running Championships 2026. The biggest argument for hosting the event in Copenhagen is the runners; it will be their peak if Copenhagen is awarded the championships in 2026.

The candidates present their bids on Tuesday; selection will take place in the coming weeks, with a final decision on August 16 or 17.