Trusted partner

In Denmark, we are passionate about hosting international sports events. We have the experience and the partners to stage successful events. We recognize the importance of adding value to an event, and we always strive to do our utmost to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders.

Looking for new ways

We are always looking for new ways of doing things, and with our long experience in successfully hosting a wide range of championships and congresses we focus on making a positive impact on the event and for the event rights holder. We are committed to making every event hosted in Denmark a game changer. We look forward to discussing with you the possibility of hosting your event in Denmark.

Lars Lundov signature

Lars Lundov
Chief Executive Officer, Sport Event Denmark

Close cooperation

In Denmark, each event is delivered through a unique and close cooperation between three
parties; Sport Event Denmark, the host city and the National Federation.

Our role in this event triangle is mainly to provide advice and financial support. The host city contributes in the areas of funding, logistical support and promotion of the
event. The national federation is responsible for all technical and commercial matters; such as ticket sales and sponsorship.

This model creates a joint team that is contributing to and taking responsibility for every aspect of the event. It keeps all three parties
actively engaged in the event from the vital bidding phase to the execution of a carefully planned, commercially viable and overall successful event

How to create winners

Sport Event Denmark brands Denmark as a sporting event nation. This video gives a glimse of the messaging and a presentation af a fine selection of major, international sporting events in Denmark.