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Five great days with 3-Cushion at the World Championship in Denmark


The music and theater house, Vaerket, formed an epic backdrop for the 3-Cushion World Championship, and the spectators added an intense atmosphere when the world’s best billiard players met in Randers, Denmark.

To the sound of ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ the 48 players from 23 nations were presented in smoke and steam for the opening ceremony on Tuesday last week. The five world championship days in Randers offered world-class billiard with an exceptional atmosphere where sports, history, and cultural life meet.

– With this World Championship, we had a great collaboration with Randers Event Secretariat and Sport Event Denmark. Randers has always been very active in billiard and has produced several great players. Last week, our many volunteers and we organized world-class 3-Cushion and thus promoted the sport to the Danes, and Denmark to the World of Billiard, says Torsten Danielsson, president of The Danish Billiard Federation, DDBU.

In Randers, too, there is great satisfaction with the event, which, in addition to attracting many spectators, also was broadcasted every day on TV.

– The World Championship 3-Cushion has once again put Randers on the map. We did it in 2002 and again this week. The event was great. It was amazing to experience such great players. Thanks to all the participants and players. It was also a pleasure to help showcase that a small sport is just as viable as major sports, says Torben Hansen, mayor, Randers.

The strategy of the Municipality of Randers is to attract and stage international sporting events in collaboration with Sport Event Denmark and federations like DDBU.

For Sport Event Denmark, the event is an excellent example of the fact that even smaller sports in Denmark can do big things.

– Billiard in Denmark has fewer members and less attention than the big federations. Despite this fact, the World Championship 3-Cushion was staged in exiting settings and with great success. The Danish federation and Randers – in collaboration with Sport Event Denmark – delivered. We will transfer the experience gained for future events, says Lars Lundov, director of Sport Event Denmark.

Editor’s Note

World Championship 3-cusion was staged in Randers, Denmark from the 26-30. November 2019. 48 players from 23 nations participated. The Danish Billiard Federation in collaboration with Randers Event Secretariat and Sport Event Denmark staged the event.

World Champion: Torbjørn Blomdahl, Sweden

Number of volunteers: 40


Denmark to host the FEI World Championships in 2022

When the world’s best riders compete at the World Championships in dressage, para-dressage, jumping, and vaulting in 2022, it will be in Herning, Denmark. FEI, The International Equestrian Federation, just announced Denmark as host. Denmark was up against strong bids from Rome and Saudi Arabia.

The World Championships in dressage, para-dressage, jumping, and vaulting in 2022 will be the greatest international equestrian championship in Denmark ever, and Denmark plans to create a festive celebration of the sport.

  • You have to think big; otherwise, you never achieve great things. Just think about what it means for Danish equestrian sports that we will host the biggest equestrian event on Danish soil. The value speaks for itself, and we are excited about this great opportunity. Thanks to Sport Event Denmark, Herning Municipality, Casper Cassøe, and Jens Trabjerg, we will have a unique collaboration that vouches for world-class. We are looking forward to getting started, says the Danish Equestrian Federation’s president, Ulf Helgstrand.

The World Championships will be staged in the MCH Arena and Messecenter Herning, where both the FEI European Championships 2013 and the annual Danish World Cup have previously been staged.

The Danish Equestrian Federation, Herning Municipality, Sport Event Denmark, and the World Championships organization have the experience and the framework to make the event world-class.
The event is expected to attract thousands of international spectators, who traditionally will stay several days during the event.

  • We are extremely excited. The Danish bid has great relevance to the Danes, and the sport and Denmark have vast experience in these disciplines. The new bid process allows for the sustainable and cost-effective use of existing equestrian sports facilities, which is what we intend to do in Denmark. We look forward to hosting the international and the Danish spectators, says Lars Lundov, chief executive, Sport Event Denmark.
  • We are thrilled by this news. As a city we are accustomed to having many visitors, and we always enjoy their company. As the Danish hub for large equestrian events, and more than 100.000 annual guest for existing equestrian events, we are ready to build on our experience from i.e. the 2013 FEI European Championships, and the annual World Cup, and we look forward to once again hosting the international equestrian community, says Lars Krarup, Mayor of Herning Municipality.
  • Today has been long awaiting the decision. When we got the message, we were touched, and super proud. We are looking forward to getting started. It is a tremendous honor, and we can only take on that responsibility because we have great support both financially and from the many volunteers. We are delighted with the awarding from FEI. We cannot thank Herning Municipality and Sport Event Denmark enough for their support throughout the process. Now, we will go to work mode, says Casper Cassøe and Jens Trabjerg from the World Championships organization.

In 2013, there was a European Championship in dressage, para-dressage, and jumping in Herning, where Denmark received a lot of international and national recognition. It was the start of the World Cup Herning, which today is a party for all horse enthusiasts, and is staged every year during the school’s autumn holidays. This year with Danish Cathrine Dufour and Bohemian as World Cup winners.

Equestrian sports are extremely popular in Denmark, where horseback riding is the 7th largest sport under the Danish Sports Confederation and National Olympic Committee, and riding is one of the few sports where men and women compete equally.


Triple up on World Cup success in Herning

World-class equestrian performances. Audience records and extensive media coverage. This week saw a triple up for the Danish World Cup in Herning. Some of the world’s top equipages competed for World Cup points, while the spectators also witnessed a range of other competitions like Almased Dressage Amateurs, small tour dressage and an international jumping competition.

The German top rider, Helen Langehanenberg came in third in the FEI Dressage World Cup with her 17-year-old stallion Damsey FRH. She is in Herning for the third time. Her first visit was at the FEI ECCO European Championships in 2013 where she had a ride of a life time with the winning German team:

  • I really liked to be here at this event in Herning. The spectators are fantastic, and so is the venue. I would love to come back next year.

Participants, spectators and the organizers behind the grand event all agreed that World Cup Herning has become a permanent fixture. 2019 marked the third successive World Cup in the amazing setting in Jyske Bank Boxen and Messecenter Herning.

During the past three years, the organizers have steadily added new layers to the set-up and execution of the event, and today World Cup Herning is a top tier equestrian event in Northern Europe.

In 2013, Herning hosted the FEI ECCO European Championships, which earned the Danish organizers both international and national praise as a well-organized event. The championships became the starting point for World Cup Herning, a yearly festival for all horse and riding fans. The combination of World Cup dressage, pony-dressage, jumping competitions, foal-auctions as well as a large expo-area creates a wholesome family-outing during week 42, a Danish school holiday.

Equitour Aalborg, Danish Warmblood and the Danish Equestrian Federation are the organizers behind the event, and Herning Municipality, Sport Event Denmark and MCH A/S are partners. Jyske Bank Boxen and connected sites served as venue for the third consecutive time.


Jens Trabjerg, CEO, Sports Director, World Cup Herning

– We have had some great days with super sports, and we have seen a positive development in the number of spectators. We have noticed a significant increase in demand from foreign riders and among them more top riders who would like to ride in Herning. We have excellent opportunities to further develop our set-up utilizing the fantastic facilities in MCH Messecenter Herning. We are in the process of developing the event for 2020 based on the experience we gained in previous years.

Som arrangør er det berigende, at vi sammen med engagerede frivillige, velvillige sponsorer og gode samarbejdspartnere, kan være med til at bidrage til, vi kan fejre en national sejr for tredje år i træk på hjemmebane i Jyske Bank Boxen

– As an organizer, it is enriching that we together with volunteers, sponsors, and partners can contribute to the celebration of a national victory for the third consecutive year in Jyske Bank Boxen. Hopefully, we have created a tradition, where top positions for the domestic riders are part of that tradition in both disciplines. The dressage and jumping have raised the bar, and we are pleased to contribute to the positive development by giving the riders the best settings to perform and develop.

Lars Krarup, Mayor, Herning Municipality

– With World Cup Herning we have established a very nice tradition that fits our goal to become a center for equestrian events in Northern Europe. I am very happy with the trust shown to Herning Municipality by the organizers and would like to thank MCH and Sport Event Denmark for the cooperation. Whenever we host large events, it is a part of a larger strategy to showcase Herning Municipality as a good place to settle, live and work, as well as a nice place to spend your spare time. I think we have managed that wonderfully with World Cup Herning.

Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark

– It is very nice to see how World Cup Herning through the past three years has established itself as a permanent fall-break fixture and how the audience has embraced the event. Sport Event Denmark has been part of the journey since the 2013 European Championships in Herning, and along the way we have accumulated valuable experience together with the other partners.

Ulf Helgstrand, President of the Danish Equestrian Federation

– The Dressage World Cup in Herning was the third of its kind, and it keeps getting better and better for riders, horses, partners and not least the audience. It is a fantastic setting that also allows our riders an opportunity to compete at the highest international level. The 2020 Olympics are getting close, and our gross squad in dressage must show their finest to make the Olympic team. The large jumping classes also offer valuable experience for our showjumpers. It looks like we may qualify a show jumper for the Olympics for the first time since Athens in 2004. The Danish equestrian sport is doing well, and events like this provide the optimal preparation. Thank you to all partners who make this possible in the interest of all. The growing interest is obvious in the ticket sales – A figure that speaks for itself.

Georg Sørensen, CEO, MCH (Venue)

– Impressive and inspiring are the hallmarks of this event. That goes for the achievements of the athletes as well as the organizers’ ability to enhance the experience for the participants, the exhibitors and the many guests. A heartfelt thank you to the organizers in Danish Warmblood, Equitour Aalborg and the Danish Equestrian Federation for creating a fall-tradition here in Herning, and thank you to the participants for riveting performances, says Georg Sørensen, director of MCH who also directs a large thank you to the exhibitors and the many thousands of guest from Denmark and abroad who have visited MCH during the event.

About World Cup Herning:

FEI World Cup Herning is organized by Danish Warmblood, the Danish Equestrian Federation and Equitour Aalborg in cooperation with Sport Event Denmark, Herning Municipality and MCH. The World Cup was held in week 42 in Jyske Bank Boxen. The Event consisted of FEI World Cup Dressage, Almased Dressage Amateurs, Dressage small tour classes and an international showjumping tournament with CSI*** and CSI*, as well as a foal auction, a show-night and a large exhibition.

By the numbers:

2 indoor competitive courses with 5000 seats combined (720 in Blue Hors Arena M + 4225 in Jyske Bank Boxen)

Visitors this year: 21.329 (2018: 19.781)
65 exhibitors
250 volunteers
400 riders
700 horses

Results: https://online.equipe.com/da/competitions/34248


UCI Track Cycling: Copenhagen, the world’s best bike city to host fastest riders at the Worlds in 2024

The best track riders in the world will compete for the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2024. Denmark has a long and strong tradition for hosting major, international cycling events, as well as the reputation of an epic cycling destination for all. The event returns to Ballerup Super Arena, which also hosted the event in 2010 along with world cups in 2008 and 2009.

“Of course, the award of the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in an Olympic year is a huge recognition of Denmark as a host nation of international events. Partnering with Sport Event Denmark, the Cities of Copenhagen and Ballerup makes it possible for us to give the many cycling enthusiasts a fantastic experience. Furthermore, we once again get the opportunity to demonstrate our strong, professional event organizations that allow us to attract such great events repeatedly,” states Henrik Jess Jensen, president, The Danish Cycling Federation.

Denmark, ranking 12th on SportCal’s Nation Index, has strong riders, and long tradition of hosting cycling and other major international sporting events. Copenhagen ranks as the World’s best bike city, boasting dedicated cycling highways, bridges for bikes and even a cycling playground. Here cycling is more than a mean of transportation – it’s the Copenhagen Way; laid back, efficient and green.

However, Denmark and Copenhagen are also fast and competitive, and with many great events in the pipeline with the newest addition, the UCI Track Cycling World Championships 2014.

Lars Lundov, Director of Sport Event Denmark:
– This is great! UCI has chosen Denmark to host the Track Cycling World Championships in the Olympic year of 2024. Denmark played host of the event back in 2010 as part of the UCI Bike City Copenhagen. Earlier this year, Denmark hosted the UCI CycloCross World Championships in Bogense. Work is underway to create the basis for even more UCI World Championships to be hosted in various cities in Denmark.

Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen:
– In Copenhagen, we love cycling, and we are one of the world’s best cycling cities. Therefore, we are also delighted that we now look forward to experiencing world-class cycling when the Track Cycling World Championships are staged here in the capital in a few years.

Jesper Würtzen, Mayor, Ballerup:
– In Ballerup, we are pleased that we have been awarded the hosting of the UCI Track Cycling World Championships. Ballerup is, like Copenhagen, a cycling city. It will be the third time we stage the track cycling events, and we look forward to welcoming the world’s best riders to Ballerup Super Arena. Ballerup is a municipality with many international companies – and the World Championships will be a narrative about Ballerup as an attractive and international city.

A bid delegation from the Danish Cycling Federation, Sport Event Denmark, the Municipality of Ballerup and Wonderful Copenhagen is this week in Yorkshire for the UCI Road World Championships.

UCI Track Cycling World Championships 2024 – October
Denmark has hosted the track cycling world championships in 2010, and the world cups in 2008 & 2009.
Other major, international cycling events in Denmark among these:
2011 UCI Road World Championships
2012 Start og Giro d’Italia
2014 UEC BMX European Championships finals
2015 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships
2017 UEC European Road Cycling Championships & World Cup CycloCross
2019 UCI CycloCross World Championships
2021 Grand Depart, Tour de France
2022 UCI Mountainbike Marathon World Championships
2024 UCI Track Cycling World Championships




Aarhus confirmed as Host City for The Ocean Race 2021/22

The Ocean Race will come to Aarhus, Denmark during the spring of 2022, following a popular ‘Fly-By’ of the city during the final leg of the 2017-18 edition of the Race.

The success of the Fly-By, where the fleet raced into the inner harbour of Aarhus port and around a turning mark in front of tens of thousands of fans, cemented the popularity of The Ocean Race in Denmark and made Aarhus a natural choice as the first ever Danish Host City for the next race.

Richard Brisius and Johan Salén, co-owners of The Ocean Race, see long-term opportunities for all stakeholders with the selection of Aarhus as a Host City.

“The Ocean Race has long had significant ties to Denmark, with sailors, race and team partners and sponsors and of course, the successful Fly-By in the last race,” said Richard Brisius. “We now have an opportunity to strengthen those bonds even further going forward. The passion of the people of Aarhus, combined with the city’s experience of organising international events, will create the perfect atmosphere for the best sailors in the world.

“Aarhus is a modern, innovative city, with strong historical ties to the ocean and to sailing – as we saw when this same facility hosted the Sailing World Championships last year. Through the talent of great young sailors like Nicolai Sehested and Jena Mai Hansen, who competed in the last edition of the Race, plus veterans such as Jens Dolmer and Stig Westergaard, Denmark has long played an important role in the Race.”

“As the partnership with The Ocean Race demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt, Aarhus has achieved an absolutely unique position as a world-class arena for international sailing events,” said Jacob Bundsgaard, the Mayor of Aarhus. “When The Ocean Race docks in Aarhus in 2022, we can look forward to an epic sporting event for maritime Denmark and a fantastic celebration on the waterfront in Aarhus for everyone.”

The Mayor of Sports, Culture and Citizens’ Services, Rabih Azad-Ahmad, said: “It is absolutely amazing that The Ocean Race is coming to Aarhus. It is an event that is followed worldwide and is a great opportunity to showcase our beautiful city and bay. I am sure that The Ocean Race in Aarhus will set the stage for a huge maritime celebration with exciting experiences for the city’s citizens and guests. We will use the opportunity to focus on sustainability and increase awareness of this important matter.”

Lars Lundov, CEO of Sport Event Denmark, the national sporting event organisation that partners with major events across Denmark, added: “Aarhus has marked itself as Denmark’s leading Host City for major international sailing events. Last summer, the very successful World Sailing Championships for all Olympic classes were held here, and now we look forward to The Ocean Race in 2021-22, where we will continue to focus on sustainability.”
For The Ocean Race, sustainability has long been a core value and has become an even bigger focus for the event looking forward. In 2017-18, the Race helped to spark a global movement against plastic waste, and a comprehensive sustainability initiative aims to educate and inspire millions around the world to make positive changes.

“In the last edition of the Race, our groundbreaking and award-winning Sustainability Programme set new standards for how a sporting event can engage its fans and stakeholders in attacking the problem of plastic pollution and restoring ocean health,” said The Ocean Race’s Johan Salén.

“I believe that by working in partnership with our Host Cities like Aarhus, as well as all of our stakeholders, we will be able to raise the bar even higher to ensure that our sport retains a leadership role in this critical area.”

Aarhus joins the Start Port of Alicante, Spain as confirmed Host Cities of The Ocean Race 2021-22, with more announcements expected in the coming weeks.


Great Britain are European champions

GBWR are European champions for a seventh time after withstanding a huge challenge from Denmark to win 55-45 in the gold medal match of the IWRF Wheelchair Rugby European Championship in Vejle, Denmark on Sunday.

For the last week, Denmark has played host of the IWRF Wheelchair Rugby European Championship in Vejle, the Capital of ParaSport. In a packed venue, the spectators witnessed world-class matches throughout the week peaking today with an exiting final featuring Great Britain and Denmark.

Great Britain were comfortable 63-45 winners over Denmark in the final pool match on Friday, but it was a strong response from the home side in the final today.

Denmark’s Kristian Bak Eriksen admitted it was tough but said the side proved it could play up to the level of Great Britain.

– I’m a bit annoyed that we couldn’t hang on for a bit longer, he said. – But it was an incredibly cool feeling playing here, and I wish we could have rewarded the audience with a win.

France came away with the bronze medal in a thrilling 45-43 triumph against Sweden in overtime.

IWRF president Richard Allcroft labelled it the best European Championship yet.

– The competitions have been fantastic, the venue and the hotel has worked perfectly and the organising committee have done a fantastic job together with strong, genuine partners, who made this a success, Allcroft said. – The Municipality of Vejle are so dedicated about parasport and have been dressing the city in wheelchair rugby, and the competitions have been fantastic with an amazing crowd for almost every game. – Many would have expected Great Britain and France in the final. Yesterday’s game (the semi-final) was in many ways the final, particularly for Denmark, for the first time qualifying to a Paralympics in wheelchair rugby, which must be huge for the team.

Allcroft is hopeful of bringing wheelchair rugby back to the city of Vejle in the not too distant future.

Parasport Denmark President John Petersson echoed those sentiments and paid tribute to all involved in making the event possible.

– Hosting the IWRF Wheelchair Rugby European Championship has been a great experience for Parasport Denmark, Petersson said. – Together with our great partners, the municipality of Vejle and Sport Event Denmark, and with support from the IWRF, we have done everything in our power make this event the best championship to date and to clearly demonstrate our passion for the sport of wheelchair rugby.

Sport Event Denmark partnered the event, and CEO, Lars Lundov agreed with IWRF, the municipality of Vejle and Parasport Denmark.

– It has been a memorable IWRF Wheelchair Rugby European Championship with great matches and excellent spectator support at the venue and online. This is the fourth time, Denmark has hosted a wheelchair rugby championship, and it has been a pleasant experience with Denmark in the final and a qualification for the Paralympics, he said.


2019 UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships with great impact

Denmark has a reputation of being a great cycling nation and destination. The latest 2019 UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships add to this brand. A newly released impact analysis shows that Bogense, Fyn and Denmark benefitted strongly from the event. The investment in the Championships brought thousands of visitors to Bogense, alongside competitors from 24 nations, media and officials, while showcasing both Bogense and Denmark to an international audience.

In addition to providing one of the sport’s great spectacles, the 2019 UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships drove economic and broader impacts within the island of Fyn and Denmark. The analysis made by Ernst & Young focuses on the following aspects:

Visitors to Bogense
Media and teams
The economic contribution of the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships
Event engagement

In total, visiting spectators to Bogense spent €2.7m during their stay, and the event had a positive impact on encouraging future visitors to Bogense and the surrounding region Fyn, with 83% of visitors from areas of Denmark outside of Bogense suggesting they would be likely or very likely to return for a holiday.
Altogether Ernst & Young calculated that the Championships will add a value of €3,6m to the regional economy.

– We got very nice figures on the event’s impact and together with Nordfyns Erhverv og Turisme, Sport Event Denmark and the Danish Cycling Federation we are pleased to see that the entire island of Fyn benefited from the UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships. The vast majority of the tourism economy is generated by spectators, and the daily consumption was relatively high because most of them stayed in one of our hotels or holiday apartments, says Jakob Staun, head of events at Destination Fyn, a cluster organisation that brings together more than 180 companies, organisations and institutions working within tourism on the island.

In addition to the hardcore economic impact, Denmark, Fyn and Bogense got huge visibility internationally through media coverage. 296 media staff covered the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships. According to Nielsen Sports, TV was broadcasted to 51 million viewers in 76 countries. Moreover, the event generated high activity on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

– The Championships promoted Cyclo-cross within Denmark in a good manner. From 2016 to 2018, there has been a 35% increase in the number of licenses, so it is quite clear that the significant and positive attention has left its mark. There is no doubt that in the coming years we will harvest from the world-class event staged in Denmark. It is an event that we not only have to be proud of as a host nation, but which we must continue to use actively within Danish cycling, says Henrik Jess Jensen, chairman of the Danish Cycling Federation.

UCI President David Lappartient stated: “In line with cycling’s Agenda 2022, legacy is a cornerstone of our strategy towards event’s organisers. Findings from the EY survey following the staging of the 2019 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships are a clear confirmation that world-class events provide significant and long-lasting return on investment not only for the local business community but also for the growth of our disciplines and the well-being of populations through the practice of the bicycle. I would like to thank the Danish Cycling Federation and all parties involved in the successful delivery of these landmark Championships.”


IHF Men’s World Handball Championship 2019 in Denmark an Economic Success

175,000 spectators at the IHF Men’s World Handball Championship 2019 contributed financially to the Danish host cities Herning and Copenhagen according to an impact analysis, which has just been released.

An impact analysis made by Epinion and Visit Denmark for the Men’s World Handball Championship 2019 shows that the event generated an impressive economic surplus for Denmark and the two host cities Copenhagen and Herning. The championship secured a tourism turnover of 37 million Euro. International handball fans alone had a tourism turnover of 20 million Euro.

”The World Championship gave us an outstanding opportunity to brand handball, the host cities and Denmark as a whole. The way both the sport and community benefits from the event is truly unique and all the volunteers made it possible to lift it up to a scale never seen before in Danish handball,” says Secretary General in the Danish Handball Association, Morten Stig Christensen.

Sport Event Denmark, which works to attract, organize, and host major, international sporting events, welcomes yet another successful championship in Denmark:
“There are many interesting points in the impact analysis on the IHF Men’s World Handball Championship 2019. Besides the tremendous national and international tourism turnover, I note, among other things, that the staging and spectator experience get top marks, which we together with Copenhagen, Herning, and the Danish Handball Federation are delighted with, says Lars Lundov, director of Sport Event Denmark.

As an ongoing partner at significant handball championships in Denmark, Sport Event Denmark can thus conclude that another major sporting event takes a top position with both the Danish fans and international spectators.

Herning and Copenhagen have hosted many major international sporting events such as the IHF Women’s World Handball Championship 2015 and the EHF’s Men’s European Championship 2015. Just last year the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, the Sailing World Championships and the ITU Multisport Festival were staged in Denmark. In the pipeline, Denmark prepares for – among other events – the EHF Women’s European Handball Championships 2020, the UEFA EURO 2020, and the Tour de France Grand Départ 2021. All of these events generate an economic impact as well as great branding for the host cities and Denmark.


Denmark Delivered at the IAAF/Mikkeller World Cross Country Championships

Ten thousand spectators got a firsthand experience of the world’s best runners through the craziest cross country championships ever. Blue sky and a mild breeze in the early Danish spring.
The Moesgaard Museum provided its grassy rooftop as part of an epic and challenging course at this weekend’s world championships. The event turned out to become a game changer with a festive celebration of cross country embracing both the elite and recreational runners. Massive media coverage and an once-in-a-liftetime experience for for the runners, volunteers, organizers, technicians, reporters and others who assisted.

The organizers conclude upon years of preparations that the goal of taking the event to a higher level was reached:
“The World Cross Country Championships in Aarhus proved that in Danish athletics we have something to offer to the rest of the world. By doing things our way, rather than trying to copy the biggest and best in a traditional sense, we have again demonstrated that we can stage world-class events. Yesterday was epic, not just on the course, but also everything else, from my colleagues and the many volunteers to the thousands of spectators who contributed to the party, the championships became exactly the experience we had believed in, worked on and hoped for,” says director of Danish Athletics, Jakob Larsen and continues:

“The reactions from the outside world are unambiguous: Cross country has entered a new era with Aarhus. If they are right, in a few years we may be able to look back and say that ‘it all started in Aarhus.’ I want to thank both the Municipality of Aarhus and Sport Event Denmark for their support and commitment to these World Championships. Without them, we would not have been able to pull it off. Similarly, I would like to thank Mikkeller for the collaboration. It is rare for a title partner to fit in so well with the project. Finally, without the support and massive help from the International Athletics Association, IAAF, yesterday would not have been possible. We have learned a lot from the collaboration with IAAF, which we will use in the years to come. ”

“Finally, I would like to express my unreserved respect and gratitude to both the federation’s board, my colleagues and the many volunteers who, from day 1, have believed in the project and yesterday delivered. It was a truly unique experience. Thanks for that, ” Jakob Larsen concludes.

The partners, Sport Event Denmark and the Municipality of Aarhus, are also very pleased with the Saturday’s event. Director of Sport Event Denmark, Lars Lundov says:
“The World Cross Country Championships were all we had hoped for and more. In the most beautiful sun and with the presence of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, Denmark set new standards for the cross country. It became a World Championship for both the elite, the recreational runners and the spectators. We are already talking about the evilest, most beautiful and incredible course. Some have even started to dream about the return of the cross country to the Olympic program as especially the TV production at these championships has shown the great potential of the discipline.”

”It was a huge honor to be allowed to open the World Cross Championchips, I am impressed by the well organized event, and fantastic venue, which showed Aarhus at its best, It became an event both the city and the international sports world will be proud of for many years. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the fantastic event and, in particular, the many volunteers, “ says the mayor of Sport, Culture and Citizens Services Rabih Azad-Ahmad.

Senior Race Men 10 km
1. Joshua Cheptegei, Uganda 31:40 min.
2. Jacob Kiplimo, Uganda 31:44
3. Geoffrey Kamworor, Kenya 31:55
1. Uganda
(18 teams)

Senior Race Women 10 km
1. Hellen Obiri, Kenya 36:14
2. Dera Didi, Ethiopia 36:16
3. Letesenbet Gidey 36:24

1. Ethiopia
(16 teams)

NAME: IAAF / Mikkeller World Cross Country Championships Aarhus 2019
DATE: March 30, 2019
PLACE: Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus
ORGANIZERS: The Danish Athletics Association, Sport Event Denmark, The Municipality of Aarhus.


The 2022 Canoe Marathon European Championships to be hosted in Silkeborg, Denmark

Silkeborg, the Outdoor Capital of Denmark, has been awarded the 2022 Canoe Marathon European Championships at Silkeborg Langsø (Long Lake).
Ole Tikjøb, Chairman of the Danish Canoe Federation: “I’m extremely pleased that we’ve been able to bring the Marathon European Championships to Silkeborg. Denmark, and Silkeborg in particular, has a long and proud marathon tradition. The Tour de Gudenaa – one of the oldest and longest marathons – has been centred around Silkeborg for more than 50 years, and Silkeborg has fostered some of the world’s strongest marathon paddlers. Historically, Denmark is one of the nations which has created and shaped the canoe and kayak marathon sport. The European Championships offer our skilled canoeist the exceptional opportunity of performing at home, supported by a home crowd.”
At Silkeborg Kayak Club, the mood is ecstatic after having been awarded the championships. The club has competed in the championships for many years, with national team paddlers and medals to prove it. The club’s under-18 double world marathon champion, Thorbjørn Rask, looks forward to welcoming his opponents to the championships on his home waters.
“It’ll be awesome to paddle in the European Championships on home ground. It’s a bit unreal for me to be part such a great event right here in the middle of Silkeborg. This will be huge, and it will be a true pleasure to fight for the medals here at home. I’m really looking forward to it.”
“Silkeborg is one of the leading canoe cities in Europe. We have a strong and vibrant community of clubs and societies with a host of talents and international medal winners. We have state-of-the-art facilities for international events in the area around the new water sports centre at Silkeborg Langsø, in Silkeborg city centre. And as the Outdoor Capital for all of Denmark, we have a strategy to attract international sporting events and cement that status. I am therefore extremely pleased that the result of our close collaboration with Sport Event Denmark, the Danish Canoe Federation and Silkeborg Kayak Club has resulted in Denmark hosting the European Championships. It’s a great honour for Silkeborg to host the 2022 European Championships,” says Steen Vindum, mayor of Silkeborg Municipality.
Lars Lundov, CEO of Sport Event Denmark, is also thrilled when he looks at the big picture.
“The 2022 European Championships is a continuation of the successful event strategy set out by the Danish Canoe Federation and Sport Event Denmark. The success is in part due to the fact that Silkeborg Kayak Club and Silkeborg Municipality have been strong and competent partners in the work related to the 2022 European Championships. We’ve also benefitted from our continuous collaboration with the management of the European Canoe Association. It’s a unique situation for Denmark to have the opportunity, for three consecutive years, to host some of the most significant championships in canoeing.”
Facts: In 2021, the Danish Canoe Federation will celebrate its 100th anniversary by, among other things, hosting the 2021 Canoe Sprint World Championships in Bagsværd (Zealand). It will also host the 2022 Canoe Marathon European Championships in Silkeborg, and the 2023 Canoe Marathon World Championships in the Triangle Region in Jutland.