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World Company Sport Games to Denmark in 2026


Colleagues from all over the world will compete in Frederikshavn, Denmark in the World Company Sport Games in 2026. After several years of skillful lobbying, Denmark has landed one of the most significant company sports events.

In 2026, Denmark will host more than 5,000 participants in the World Company Sport Games (WCSG).

Denmark already has a good reputation as the organizer of the European version, ECSG, which has been staged in Denmark twice before. Most recently in 2007 in Aalborg – in the same region as Frederikshavn.

“Thanks to the professional work of our talented partners – the local clubs,  Frederikshavn Municipality, Sport Event Denmark, and Arena Nord, we now welcome a world company sports event to Denmark,” says Peder Bisgaard, president of the Danish Federation for Company Sport, and vice-president of EFCS.

Peder Bisgaard further explains that the Danish Federation for Company Sport welcomes the opportunity to give colleagues from all over the world an insight into how Denmark practices company sports. The company sports federations in Norway and Sweden have already indicated that they expect large participation.

“We also hope that many Danish workplaces will form strong relationships through sports with like-minded people from all over the world,” says Peder Bisgaard.

The many participants will experience a Danish interpretation of the Olympic Games with no fewer than 25 sports and a wide range of side activities during the four days of the Games.


”In Frederikshavn ,we love to have guests, and together with our trusted partners from the Danish Federation for Company Sport, and Sport Event Denmark you can look forward to an active but also relaxing stay with good friends. Most venues are “just around the corner”, so participants can enjoy and take in the Company Sport Games atmosphere before, during and after the activities,” says Birgit S. Hansen, mayor of Frederikshavn Municipality.

”Frederikshavn will host the World Company Sport Games in 2026. This is the result of an extended bidding and lobbying process, and we have been able to continuously demonstrate how we host large, international sporting events in Denmark. We are looking forward to welcoming the thousands of participants from all over the world in collaboration with Frederikshavn Municipality, and the Danish Federation for Company Sport,” says Lars Lundov, CEO of Sport Event Denmark – and adds that the many foreign participants will generate significant revenue for the tourism industry.

“Many years of work will culminate in 2026 when Frederikshavn hosts WCSG 2026. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with many people who work with Company Sports worldwide – and we look forward to showing what Frederikshavn’s municipality has to offer. The event will be staged in strong collaboration between the Danish Federation for Company Sport, the host city, Sport Event Denmark, and the local clubs,” says Per Malmberg, managing director, Arena Nord.


Epic UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships in Denmark   

Press Release

The UCI 2022 Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships crown a historic Danish cycling event summer. Over the summer, Denmark has positioned itself as a strong cycling event nation and destination. Along with the Grand Depart Tour de France and the start of the women’s Tour of Scandinavia the Danish riders have picked up the narrative of a nation of ‘bikings’.

The forests around Haderslev dressed up in the many colors of the rainbow today, as the Municipality of Haderslev together with the Danish Cycling Federation, DCU, Sport Event Denmark and the Triangle Region  staged the UCI 2022 Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships.

The Danish goal was  to showcase the championships as both spectacular world championships and a cycling festival for the mass participants. Today’s event fully displayed the potential of the combination. For the first time ever, elite and recreational participants rode the course of the UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships. The Danish strategy is to create more than just a race. However, this definitely does not mean compromises on the quality of the championships. The championships is the core of the event. Maintaining focus on the quality of the championship race is critical to the success.

The riders encountered a course with great variation that was challenging both technically and physically. The lap format offered both spectators and viewers alike an incredible experience. The recreational participants got an epic experience too.

The 2022 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships was organized for the international cycling union, UCI, by the local Mountain Bike club in collaboration with DCU, Haderslev Municipality, the Triangle Region, and Sport Event Denmark.


UCI, Paul Beales, Mountain Bike Co-ordinator:

“The Marathon World Championships in Haderslev, Denmark has been a huge success, where we saw a large crowd come to watch Sam Gaze and Pauline Ferrand-Prevot crowned the new World Champions.  It is clear that cycling is in a very good place in Denmark, and we would like to thank Sport Event Denmark, The Danish National Cycling Federation and the beautiful town of Haderslev for welcoming us and for putting on a great show.”

Denmark’s Cycling Federation, Henrik Jess Jensen, president

“The 2022 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championship is over. And what an event. The many volunteers, the working groups behind, citizens, fans, and Haderslev Municipality as organisers, have created the framework for well-executed world championships. The participating teams, staff and riders from a total of 34 nations created the content. The rainbow stripes have now been passed on and a very warm congratulation to Pauline Ferrand Prevot from France and Samuel Gaze from New Zealand with the titles that now can be worn with pride.”

“I am delighted that Denmark once again has presented cycling at its best. I hope that everyone has had a good experience in and around Haderslev. Denmark and Danish cycling are very visible on the world map and the World Championships prove that. From The Danish Cycling Federation, we look forward to many times in the future to welcome large international cycling races, which is why I also need to say a big thank you to our partners, who make these races and events possible.”

“On behalf of The Danish Cycling Federation, I would like to thank all the many who made these World Championships possible.”

Sport Event Denmark, Lars Lundov, director

“What a summer of Danish sporting events! With the 2022 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships, we crown a summer in which cycling, particularly, has put Denmark on the map. Both the start of the Tour de France, and the start of the women’s Tour of Scandinavia showed Denmark from the road and the cycling from the  side of the road. Today’s worlds have taken us into the forests and on the paths around Haderslev.”

Haderslev Municipality, Mads Skau, mayor

“It has been fantastic to be part of The 2022 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships. Watching the riders cross the finish line at Gravene was a tremendous experience, and we have heard from the riders that it was a nice but tough route. Organising world championships  is a big task. I want to thank the UCI, and the local MTB club, and the many volunteers for the excellent cooperation, which we in Haderslev Municipality appreciate.”

“2022 has been a big cycling year in Haderslev. It has been a year with sprints, mountain stages, trails, and dotted jerseys. Still, I am happy that we are somewhat on target with the many events and that we have positioned us as a cycling municipality.”

Triangle Region Denmark, Thomas Kastrup, Sport Event Manager

“The 2022 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships is a strong example of what local cooperation, will, and commitment can achieve. It is a milestone for the Triangle Region’s event cooperation that the rainbow stripes are distributed here in our area for the first time. A well-staged event in Haderslev moves us up in a new league as an event destination. It improves our chances of attracting future hosts.”






Link to results list: https://www.sportstiming.dk/event/10014/results

Facts on the 2022 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships

Elite men: 142 participants from 33 nations
Elite Women: 50 participants from 21 nations

806 recreational participants registered for the Haderslev MTB Challenge


Champagne surfing in White Sands Denmark

Press release

A week-long surf party came to an end this Saturday in Hvide Sande in English White Sands), where Europe’s best stand-up paddlers met in the fight for titles in the fantastic nature of West Jutland. It was a historic European Championships with five disciplines SUP Surf, SUP Sprint, SUP Long Distance, SUP Technical Race, and the final team relay.

With more than 200 athletes from 16 nations, the EUROSUP2022 in Denmark, is the biggest to date. The organisers look back on the best Danish international sup event ever.

EUROSUP2022 was organized by Surf Sup Denmark in collaboration with WATERZ, Sport Event Denmark, and Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality for the European Surf Federation, ESF.


–I have the best feeling about Hvide Sande and the staging of EUROSUP2022. Surf Sup Denmark, WATERZ, and Sport Event Denmark are very professional. Everyone is super sympathetic, and the beach and nature are perfect for SUP. The event area is easy to access and very efficient. We see the top European athletes, and the bar has been raised. The sport needs to present itself in the best possible way for the Olympics, and I try to push the sport to the European Olympic Committee and hope for SUP to be included in upcoming youth games. EUROSUP2022 is an excellent demonstration of the sport, says Jean-Luc Arassus, ESF President.

SURF SUP Denmark
-With EUROSUP2022 on home ground, we have given our athletes the best setting to compete with Europe’s best stand-up paddlers. We have shown the foreign participants that Denmark has world-class settings for SUP. I am proud of the Danish results and note that we have many talented athletes on their way. I am proud of our collaboration with WATERZ, the European Surfing Federation, and Sport Event Denmark. And I am grateful for all the volunteers who have made it possible, says Jakob Færch, president of Surf Sup Denmark.

– Our aim was to create a unique water sports event, to showcase our area, the nature, our interpretation of good hosting, and memorable experiences. Hvide Sande has been full of happy guests for well over a week. Thanks to fantastic local support from the city and Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality, we have succeeded. The cooperation with the European Surfing Federation, Surf Sup Denmark, and Sport Event Denmark has been excellent. We succeed because we have a team of volunteers who, with their invaluable efforts, help to set the bar ever higher year after year and thus create water sports events in world-class, says Katrine Kock Frandsen, project manager, WATERZ.

Sport Event Denmark
– WATERZ has once again proved its ability to stage international water sports events. The EURO2022 was an excellent display of what Denmark offers in terms of sea, waves, wind and flat water. I’m happy to learn that the European Surfing Federation praises the event, and I understand that the athletes also enjoyed competing in Denmark, says Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark.

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Facts on EUROSUP2022

16 nations
Top four nations are: France, Spain, Italy and Denmark.
200 athletes
150 Volunteers




In exactly 15 months from now the best women’s handball players will excite the whole world in arenas around Scandinavia, and now the brand identity for the championship is ready for presentation.

It all begins with handball’s ability to excite. A ball caught, a pass completed, a goal scored, a game won in the last second, and then the rush of excitement.

We aim for excitement in everything we do and when we aim, we tend to hit. Our aim is steady, and our call is clear.  – “AIM TO EXCITE”

That will be the official slogan accompanying the brand-new logo for the 26th IHF Women’s World Championship in handball held in Denmark, Norway and Sweden between November 30th and December 17th, 2023.

“Excitement is where handball all starts, and excitement is what makes it endure. It is at the core of every great player, in the heart of every young beginner and on the face of every spectator. And we truly are excited to welcome you all to a celebration of handball throughout Scandinavia,” says Morten Stig Christensen, President of the Danish Handball Federation.

The logo both symbolizes a handball rushing through the air into the back of the goal causing excitement. But the colors of the ball also represent the flags of the three host nations.

“It is with great excitement and proudness we are launching the logo and slogan for the 2023 IHF Women’s World Championship. Together with Sweden and Denmark we have been waiting for this milestone moment, and with the colorful logo shining upon us, it feels like the championship is just around the bend,” says Kia Haftorn Otnes, Managing Director of the Norwegian Organizing Committee.

32 teams will participate in the championship. It is foreseen to play four preliminary rounds and two main rounds in Denmark, who will also host the final weekend and the President’s Cup. Furthermore, two preliminary rounds are intended to be played in Norway and in Sweden together with one main round in each country.

“The presentation of the logo and slogan marks the official start of the Scandinavian project as host for the 2023 IHF Women’s World Championship. We are all eager to show our hospitality and together with all fans create an extraordinary atmosphere for the players and give everybody memories for life. The world of handball is welcome to Denmark, Norway, and Sweden,” says Stefan Lövgren, President OC Sweden.

The logo and the brand identity for the championship has been created by the Danish branding- and design agency Urgent.Agency, who are proud to be behind the project.

“For us, handball is more than just a sport. It is one of the few things in our everyday life that can excite an entire population and make everyone watch in breathless excitement,” says Martin Skram, Senior Strategist at Urgent.Agency.

Benjamin Wernery, Head of Design, continues: “That enthusiasm is expressed through a colorful brand universe that can live in the cities, in the arenas and on the digital platforms where fans meet.”

The President of the International Handball Federation, Dr Hassan Moustafa, adds: “The logo and slogan of the 2023 IHF Women’s World Championship capture handball perfectly well – a fast and dynamic sport full of passion and emotion, which fascinates fans all around the world. We are thrilled about the journey we are about to embark and look forward to a spectacular and exciting event. Women’s handball will certainly shine on Scandinavian soil.”

– It is always a milestone to be able to reveal an event logo. The logo will set the direction for how we communicate and brand the event. This is also the case with the logo for the Worlds  in women’s handball next year, which will be staged  in collaboration with Sweden, and Norway. Together, we will set new standards for the women’s handball by gathering our extensive event experience from the three federations, and Sport Event Denmark. The logo says it visually; the three countries will put the ball inside goal post of the Scandinavian collaboration,” says Lars Lundov, director of Sport Event Denmark.

Denmark hosted the IHF Women’s World Championship in 2015, while Norway organized the 1993 edition, and they were co-hosts of the 1999 tournament. It is the first time that a Women’s World Championship in handball will take place in Sweden.


Canoe marathon: World’s set-up tested at the Danish Championships

Press release

Denmark is on track. This weekend, the Danish Championship in canoe marathon was staged on the Lake Jels. The organizers are preparing for next year, when the 2023 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships will take place. Paddlers and organizers agree; Denmark will be ready for the Canoe marathon World in 2023.

Staging large, international sporting events is a discipline which, like all other disciplines within sport, must be trained and optimized. During this weekend’s Danish Championships in canoe marathon, the organizers tested the arena and several of the many other event disciplines.

“The Lake of Jels is a completely new arena for marathons. We investigated how we could use its full potential. Now, we stand at the back of championships and are much wiser about both the lake and the area. It bodes well for the Worlds next year, where we, in cooperation with the Municipality of Vejen, the Triangle Area Denmark, and Sport Event Denmark, will host the event,” says Christian Jacobsen, CEO of the Danish Canoe Federation.

ICF and the organizers have a special focus on the design of the venue.

“The Danish organizers are very professional and take pride in being top-prepared. The organizers have used the Danish championships to test the set-up. I am very pleased with what I have seen. Jels Sø will form a beautiful and natural setting for the Worlds in 2023,” says Ruud Heijselaar, who is chairman of the ICF marathon committee of the ICF. “I am also content with the fact that many in the management of the Worlds, also organized the European Championships this July in Silkeborg. It will certainly have an important significance.”

In the coming months, the organizers and the ICF will get serious about the preparations for next year’s worlds – running from August 28 to September 3, 2023.

For centuries, Vikings have been the masters of the water, crossing new frontiers and achieving greatness. In Denmark, the most brave and noble Vikings came from the beautiful village of Jels, and in 2023 this Viking village will inspire a new generation of champions!

By combining tradition, innovation, and partnerships the 2023 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships in Denmark will bring canoe marathon to a whole new level by offering a once in a lifetime integrated experience for athletes, fans, and the ICF family. Join the Vikings as we bring past legacies to the future!

Imagine celebrating the ICF Canoe Marathon Championships on a real-life Viking territory. Known as “Valhalla” this heavenly space was a central part of the rich and rugged past of Denmark’s Vikings. For over a thousand years, Lake Jels has been the heart of Denmark’s biggest Viking arena and today it welcomes thousands of visitors every year. In 2023, Valhalla will welcome the canoe world and offer a unique first-hand opportunity for athletes and fans to experience and celebrate the ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships the Viking way.

Behind the ICF Canoe Championships 2023 is a strong collaboration between the Triangle Area of ​​Denmark, Vejen Municipality, Sports Center Denmark, the Danish Canoe Federation, and Sport Event Denmark.


Ecco FEI World Championships 2022 Denmark: Genuine horsepower

Organizers and partners behind the Ecco FEI World Championships in Herning, Denmark can look back a championship with an elevated sporting level, Danish medals, and happy guests from all over the world.

The last equipage has just left the field, and the organisers and partners behind the event can look back on a week of top-shelf equestrian sports, a historic number of Danish medals, and thousands of happy visitors who have had an exceptional experience at the ECCO FEI World Championships, Herning this week. The event was large and complex with massive collaboration from all involved. Genuine horsepower was used. The Danish athletes wrote themselves into the history books, when they sensationally, became the most winning nation ahead of The Netherlands, France, Great Britain, and Germany.

HRH Princess Benedikte,  patron of ECCO FEI World Championships Herning

-A magnificent event, and sporting wise, it has been terrific. It does not diminish the joy that we, as Danes, have won many medals. For the sake of the sport, this is a gift. It has been incredibly well-organised world championships. Everything has come together due to the management and the hundreds of volunteers.

FEI, president, Ingmar de Vos

We have experienced two weeks of incredible sport in four disciplines at the ECCO FEI World Championships 2022, where the level of Event management from the Organising Committee in Herning has been nothing short of impressive.

The atmosphere in the stadium has been electric and the fans who came in large numbers to support their heroes, have played a starring role in the Herning2022 story.

These multi-disciplinary World Championships have demonstrated that a cost-effective and sustainable Event can be successfully staged when every effort is made to bring National Federations, governments, host cities and local communities into the process. The Organisers have worked hard to create a far reaching legacy for these World Championships, and have definitely put Herning on the map.

Herning 2022, organisers, Jens Trabjerg and Casper Cassøe

-We had a dream that people would think it was great to be in Herning. That the riders experienced we had done something extra for them and their horses. And many have expressed just that. I am happy and proud that we have created a set-up where riders and horses in all 4 disciplines have given us the most insane, beautiful sport. Our ideas have proven correct, and I have experienced great satisfaction with the event from representatives of many nations that were happy to be part of Herning2022. Their feedback was especially on  our skilled and smiling volunteers. In addition to all the work they have done for us and they really worked hard. They deserve a gigantic thanks for our guests that experience.

The sporting event was world-class, and the professional help from FEI, Sport Event Denmark, Herning Municipality, and the Danish Equestrian Federation was invaluable to the event.

Danish Equestrian Federation, president, Ulf Helgstrand

-It can be hard to keep cool when close to 4 years of preparations end with a huge success. It is proof that you can achieve great things if you think big. The execution of the event is being praised internationally, and when we then also achieve top results, including several medals on home ground, everything just comes together perfectly. Also, I am thrilled that non-elite riders have been able to participate and have their own once-in-a-lifetime experience in connection with the World Championships. Through the last year, D- and E-level riders have competed across disciplines in our big team tournament in the hopes of qualifying for the grand finale in Herning, and what a pleasure it has been to witness.

Sport Event Denmark, CEO, Lars Lundov

-WOW is probably the most comprehensive word. The Equestrian World Championships offered perhaps the most extensive, detail-oriented, and professional event set up to date at a championship in Denmark. Simply world-class event craftsmanship and a big thank you to everyone who worked hard to create these fantastic settings. Add the historic Danish medal rain in both dressage, para-dressage, and vaulting. There has thus been a sport at the highest level, full houses, and massive live TV coverage

The Municipality of Herning, Mayor, Dorthe West

– In Herning Municipality, we are extremely proud to have hosted the world championships in four of the equestrian disciplines, where three of them even are on the Olympic programme. To host a WC of this size is not commonplace for a small country like Denmark. And with all the Danish medals in gold, silver, and bronze, it has been beyond all expectations.

– Sustainability is an important agenda in Herning Municipality, so therefore I am especially happy that it has been possible to hold a WC with lots of sustainable initiatives and climate-friendly solutions, so the CO2 emissions are compensated. For example, in Herning Municipality we have got the World Championships Forest, which will be a living and growing legacy from this WC. The forest will become an area for the inhabitants of Herning, and it will both increase biodiversity and fixate large amounts of CO2. The extremely high level of ambition concerning green initiatives behind the WC is a fantastic example that Herning as an event city is “Big enough to matter – small enough to care.”


Herning Denmark August 6-14, 2022

Disciplines: Dressage, jumping, paradressage, and vaulting

950 riders and vaulters

1.200 horses from 50 nations

Besides the world-class equestrian performances, the organisation behind Herning2022 created a welcoming, exciting and fun event space for guests of all ages – to ensure the best possible experience when visiting the World Championship.

Herning2022 created a new benchmark for sustainability at major sports events. The staging was based on three principles: Seek positive ripple effects, think circular, and engage all suppliers in a dialogue on sustainability. A  lot of things were set in motion, and the organisers encourage future equestrian events to pick up and create even more positive impacts.


A Danish fairytale: Denmark started and ended the Tour de France 2022

Press release on behalf of Grand Depart Copenhagen

Danish Jonas Vingegaard crowned an epic narrative of this year’s Tour de France by winning the 2022-edition with an impressive margin to runner-up Tadej Pogacar. Today, Denmark and the Danes welcomed Vingegaard, and the other Danish riders back to Copenhagen, where it all started three weeks ago.

Denmark truly tied the bow today. Three weeks ago, the Grand Départ started in Copenhagen and continued with two more stages through the versatile Danish landscape crowded with cheering Danes. Today, the Danes honored the winner of this year’s Tour de France, Jonas Vingegaard at the town square in central Copenhagen. Here Vingegaard stepped out onto the City Hall balcony and greeted the thousands of Danish tourfans who cheered for their cycling hero from the town square. 

Jonas is an inspiration to all of us. The Danish people will never ever forget the summer of 2022. Tens of thousands of Tour fans turned up along the route today and on Rådhuspladsen to give Jonas the reception and tribute he deserves. It was the perfect finale of an adventurous and unforgettable Tour de France. It started in Copenhagen, the cycling capital of the world with 600.000 people along the prologue. In comparison the population in Copenhagen is 640.000. And today we celebrated Jonas in the same streets – we have come full circle. After two years of Covid, loneliness and isolation, a humble, extremely talented and dedicated 25 year old bike rider brought the whole country together again. I already wish that we could have the Tour de France back next year,” says Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Lord Mayor and chairman of the Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark.

In total the Danish riders won four stages of this edition of the Tour de France. The staging of the Grand Départ and the impressive results by not only Jonas Vingegaard but also the other Danish riders have for sure left a significant mark on Danish cycling and Denmark as a cycling nation and tourist destination.

“Vingegaard’s victory ranks as the millennium’s most outstanding Danish cycling achievement. It is truly tremendous and humbling to be allowed to be a part of it all. This year’s Tour de France brought us a Danish champion, picture-perfect scene of riders, all the beautiful landscapes, first in Denmark and finally in Paris. In the Danish Cycling Federation, and in our clubs, the door is open to children and young people who dream of becoming a rider,” says Henrik Jess Jensen, president of the Danish Cycling Federation.

The staging of the Grand Départ, the massive crowds of Danish cycling fans along the routes in Denmark, and in France, and the Danish dominance in the race are all components of the story:

Jonas Vingegaard, Jumbo-Visma, winner of the Tour de France 2022

  • Winner stage  11 & 8
  • 2. nd, stage 7, 17 & 20
  • Yellow jersey after stage 11
  • Polka dot jersey after 18. Etape

Magnus Cort, EF Education – EasyPost

Mads Pedersen, Trek-Segafredo

Ten Danish riders participated in the Tour de France

Thousands of fans attending the team presentation in Copenhagen, and in Tivoli

Hundreds of thousands of Danish fans along the route in Denmark and France

Thousands of Danish fans in Paris to cheer for Jonas Vingegaard

Thousands of fans welcomed Jonas Vingegaard in Copenhagen

Thousands will embrace cycling for competition and daily life in Denmark onwards



  • Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark took place on 1-3. July 2022 and started with a 13 km time trial in the world’s best cycling city Copenhagen. 2nd stage: 202 km from Roskilde to Nyborg, and the 3rd stage with 182 km from Vejle to Sønderborg.
  • The Grand Départ in Denmark was organized by a partnership consisting of the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the City of Copenhagen, Nyborg Municipality, Sønderborg Municipality, Vejle Municipality, and Roskilde Municipality as stakeholders. The Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand, the Region of Southern Denmark, and Sport Event Denmark contribute to the partnership.

Welcome to Tour de France in Denmark – a country of everyday cycling

1-3. July, Denmark, and Copenhagen will host the first three stages of the Tour de France. Stage 1 is a 13 km Time Trial in the world’s best cycling city, Copenhagen. Stage 2 is a 202 km stage from Roskilde passing the Great Belt Bridge for an epic finish in Nyborg. The 3rd stage is 182 km from the fiord town Vejle to Sønderborg. Together, the three stages form Grand Départ Copenhagen, Denmark.

Welcome to the start of the 109th edition of the Tour de France.
Welcome to a cycling nation covered in the colors of the Tour.  

It is a perfect match: The Tour de France in Denmark is the meeting between the world’s greatest cycling race and one of the world’s best cycling nations. It is the meeting between professional cycling, and everyday cycling. With the three stages in Denmark, both the tour-riders and the everyday cycling heroes are celebrated – and the whole world is invited.

In Denmark, we love cycling – it is part of our DNA. So, it is with great pleasure we welcome the Tour de France. Across the country, and in the cities along the Danish stages, our streets are decorated in the tour-colors. It is fantastic: We gather for a huge celebration and display our beautiful cycling country to the entire world,” says Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and Chairman of the Board of Grand Départ Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tour fans from near and far will have a unique experience. For the first time, an entire country is hosting a tour-start. The Danish Grand Départ includes three stages, five start and finish cities and eight parcours municipalities. Along the stages hundreds of thousands of spectators will pay tribute to the race, the riders – and streets, squares and fields will be filled with decorations and land-art celebrating the Tour.

I think it is great that Denmark hosts one of the world’s biggest sporting events. It creates business for our hotels, and it provides guests to our many restaurants. The Tour de France is a festive celebration of cycling for the Danes. We can enjoy the riders’ journey through our yellow fields, historic cities, and local sights. In addition, the world will have its eyes on Denmark,” says Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Simon Kollerup.

The team presentation in Denmark will also be memorable. It starts on Wednesday 29th of June from 17.45 in the streets of Copenhagen, where the tour riders will cycle 1.5 km through the streets of Copenhagen before entering Tivoli for a live TV show with world-class entertainment.

It is a great honor to bring the Tour de France to Denmark. The Tour de France and Denmark are truly a perfect match. One of the best cycling nations in the world welcomes the greatest cycling race in the world. I cannot wait to share the three exciting stages in Denmark and the unique Danish passion for everyday biking with cycling fans from all over world “, says race director, Christian Prudhomme.


Hattrick at Sea: Three sailing world championships at Fyn next year


In the summer of 2023, Fyn will host no less than three different World Championships at sea.  World champions will be crowned in Contender, women’s match race, and Melges 24.

Fyn once again prosper after the COVID 19. Fyn has secured no less than three World Championships for next summer. And they’re all going to take place at sea.

– Together with the municipalities, GoSail, Kerteminde Sailing Club, and Sport Event Denmark, we are proud to announce three World Championships to Fyn next summer. We thus mark ourselves as a unified event destination, which benefits from our geographical premise as an island with excellent sailing waters all around, says event manager at Destination Fyn, Jakob Staun.

The eyes of the world have previously been on both Kerteminde and Middelfart when it comes to sailing, as both cities have a strong tradition of staging  international sporting events. In Kerteminde, the CV includes World Championships in the Olympic windsurfing discipline RSX and the annual SailExtreme. At the same time, Middelfart has several times hosted the audience-friendly and exciting match racing competitions at the European Championships and the Nations Cup.

– We look forward to welcoming the many sailors to the city. Melges 24, in particular, attracts many people for several days for the benefit of our local businesses. With the World Championship in Match race, we also help give the locals a worthwhile sports experience up close. Unlike many other sailing events, match racing is audience-friendly and takes place close to the waterfront, where you can follow the competition while enjoying the exceptional atmosphere that buzzes at the marina at events like these, says Mayor of Middelfart ,Johannes Lundsfryd.

In Middelfart,  large parts of the event setup can be used to advantage by both events, and there will therefore be synergy to be gained from hosting. However, there are two different boat types and two very different target groups. While as a regular sailor, you can register for the World Championship in Melges 24, the match race competition is only for the elite.

Kerteminde is also looking forward to international guests next summer.

– We have just put the finishing touches on a local strategy for attracting events, which we have prepared in close collaboration with Destination Fyn. It is fantastic that we are now seeing the first tab of the strategy’s implementation with an event like the World Championship in Contender next summer. Kerteminde Sailing Club has done a great job and the club is ready to welcome the international sailors in new facilities at the harbour in the wake of the pandemic, says Mayor of Kerteminde, Kasper Ejsing Olesen.

According to Destination Fyn’s forecasts, the three events are expected to have a tourism economic effect of DKK 8.7 million. It is an excellent example of how the attraction of sporting events contributes to the restart of an industry that has been on its knees during the corona pandemic. It is estimated that the three events will generate around 5,000 overnight stays when sailors and their fellow travelers come for the  World Championships on Fyn next summer.

The Sport Event Denmark’s director, Lars Lundov, highlights exactly that aspect:

– The three World Sailing Championships at Fyn next year, provide up to 5000 overnight stays and help to brand Fyn and Denmark as a sailing nation and destination. Together with Destination Fyn, the municipalities, GoSail, and Kerteminde Sailing Club, we have set sails for 2023.


Wado Karate; The 10th  WIKF Global Cup 2022 in Denmark

More than 700 elite karate athletes from all over the world  take over Holstebro, Denmark  on 26-28 August 2022.

The  Gråkjær Arena in Holstebro, Denmark will once again be transformed into a karate mecca. In 2015, the 18th WIKF Wado karate European Championships were staged in the arena,  and in 2017, the arena framed the Danish Championships. Now it’s time for the 10th WIKF Global Cup 2022 in Wado Karate.

There are millions of karate athletes worldwide, and karate is a significant sport in Denmark. The karate style is Wado-Ryu. Literally translated Wado Ryu means “the way of Peace ” and is one of the four main styles within WKF and Olympic sports.

– You will experience karate at a high international level, with participants who participated in the Olympics in Tokyo 2021, guarantees the president of Budo Sports Karate, Lone Viberg Larsen.

In addition to the many international participants  judges, team officials,  and families will attend. The travel manager in Holstebro is responsible for the practical part of accommodation and transport of all participants and fellow travelers.

Chairman of the Business and Tourism Committee, Torben Gudiksen, is excited that the 10th WIKF  Global Cup 2022 in Wado karate is coming to Holstebro:

-It is living proof that when we as a municipality join forces with businesses, associations, and Sport Event Denmark major sporting events such as the 10th WIKF Global Cup 2022. The Championship helps attract athletes from all over the world and spectators get the opportunity to visit our region.

The chairman of the Culture and Leisure Committee, Lene Dybdal also looks forward to the coming event:

– Once again, Holstebro Municipality is on the ‘karate map.’ It is fantastic that we have an active club embracing the talent and elite within the karate, which again helps make the city the center of karate in Northern Europe.

The local expectation is shared by the director of Sport Event Denmark, which is the national sporting event organization:

– There will be great  opportunities to experience world-class sports on the last weekend in August. With the WIKF Global Cup, the World Cup in ice hockey for women, and the European Championships in stand-up paddle, I look forward to great experiences on land, at sea, and on the ice. The WIKF Global Cup is an obvious opportunity to brand the sport in Denmark and Denmark internationally within the sport, says Lars Lundov.

The 10th  WIKF Global Cup 2022 is staged  in a collaboration between WIKF Denmark, Budo Sportskarate Holstebro, Holstebro Municipality and Sport Event Denmark, and the Travel Manager, who is one of the main sponsors.